Afraid of scams? How to remove your data from the network

Afraid of scams How to remove your data from the

More and more people are affected by fraudsters who call or get in touch in other ways. There are ways to limit their ability to reach you – for example by removing your information from the internet.

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Fraud attempts are increasing – so they can protect you

To reduce the risk of fraudsters calling, you can make your phone number secret to begin with. To do this, you need to call your telecom operator via customer service and ask for a secret number, according to The evening paper.

After this step, the phone number will be made secret on all websites.

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How to remove your data from Mrkoll

To remove your data from Mrkoll, you need to go to the website and go to the “About” tab. Then go to the “Other tasks” tab. By logging in with BankID, you can then remove the phone number and address.

The phone number is then permanently hidden, but the address returns after 30 days. If you want the address to remain hidden, you must therefore log in again after 30 days to hide it.

Postcode and city cannot be removed from Mrkoll.

How to remove your data from Eniro and Hitta

To remove the data from Eniro, go to the “Person” tab and log in with BankID. Then you can remove the phone number and address.

For, you can go to the “Contact us” tab and click on “Remove contact page”. You can then remove your phone number and address, which Aftonbladet has also written about.

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