AFAM, the Anief union takes stock of staff mobility

School transposition of EU directives Anief claims precarious rights and

(Finance) – A meeting between unions and PA was held yesterday, February 5th on the topic of mobility (transfers and uses) of all institutional staff AFAM state. They were there for the union Anief the AFAM Department Head Ettore Michelazzi and his Deputy Eustachio Santochiricowhich they expressed appreciation for the work done from the administration and for the clarifications received during the meeting.

Compared to the previous comparison report of 2023 various new features have emerged. In the Art. 1 it was specified that the continuity it is considered for the former tied and is counted from the entry into the role before the nationalization, while i scores are evaluated on the condition that the institution was already balanced. For the second position of administrative directorif present in an institution, it is while.

The Art. 2 deals with right to reappointment in a vacant positionpossibility that it was extended to contracted personnel after the mobility procedures for a vacant position, while for an available position the automatic extension is not possible. Compared to transfer of administrative directorsit has been specified that it can be transferred only where there are free places.

Compared to the Art. 3 paragraph 8it is important to point out that the possibility for institutions to decide not to recruit any substitutes on the chair on which the holder is in command or other state position. The institution, on the available and non-vacant chair, has the possibility of recruiting a substitute in another sector where missing in the workforce. For example, if a piano chair is vacant, you can recruit a substitute for Jazz singing (another sector); this piano chair remains on staff for the future return of the holder.

The Art. 4 bis paragraph 4 was entered for improve transparency; the reasons behind the comparative evaluation including any assessment of suitability of all candidates for use are published on the institution’s website until 31 October 2024 in a section of immediate and easy accessibility, in addition to the ordinary and timely publication of the body’s minutes in accordance with the law.

Finally, the possibility for the institutions and the ministry to implement the is specified preliminary assistance where the application documentation is incomplete, provided that the documentary integration concerns exclusively documents existing at the time of submission of the application.