Adrien Quatennens and the slap to his wife: what the law says about this type of violence

Adrien Quatennens and the slap to his wife what the

QUATENNENS. Subject of a handrail for acts of violence against his wife, Adrien Quatennens has recognized several episodes. But what does the LFI deputy risk in the eyes of the law?

[Mise à jour le 19 septembre à 11h35] Adrien Quatennens is in turmoil. The LFI deputy from the North has been cornered since the revelation, by the chained duckof the deposit, by his wife, of a handrail against him for several episodes of violence within the couple, in the context of an ongoing divorce. If his companion had nevertheless asked that the handrail not leak and that the press not echo it, his approach fell into the media lap. If Céline Quatennens remained discreet, only releasing a press release after the revelations of the chained duck, the chosen one, he was summoned to explain himself. In a press release published on Sunday, September 18, he returned to the acts of violence in question and announced his withdrawal from his function as “coordinator of insubordinate France”. Now, what is the risk of the right arm of Jean-Luc Mélenchon?

What acts of violence did Adrien Quatennens acknowledge?

In the press release issued on Sunday, Adrien Quatennens returned to the acts of violence that weigh against him. The LFI deputy admitted to having “slapped” his companion a year ago, “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness.” In addition, he explained that he “grabbed the wrist” of his companion during an argument. Then, during another – the last according to him – he said he took the phone from his wife, who then jumped on his back. “I pulled away and, as I let go, she hit her elbow,” he said.

What does Adrien Quatennens risk for having slapped his wife?

The episode of the slap given by Adrien Quatennens to his wife is the most striking. If politically, having recognized it could not be without consequences for the one who was the number 2 of LFI, judicially, a risk also exists. But for that, it would be necessary to file a complaint, which was not done by his wife, who simply signed a handbook. If a complaint were to be registered, that would change the situation.

In the law, there are several types of slap. First, that being judged “simple”, “as mild violence.” It is defined by article R 624-1 of the penal code which governs willful violence that has not resulted in total incapacity for work. It is sanctioned with a maximum fine of 750 euros.

In addition, a slap can also be qualified as “more or less aggravating voluntary violence”, this assessment being evaluated according to the number of ITT (more or less than eight days). Thus, violence resulting in an ITT of less than or equal to eight days (even 0) is punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros when committed against a spouse. Violence resulting in an ITT for more than eight days is punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros when committed against a spouse.

The newspaper uses very explicit terms to report on the strained relations between Adrien Quatennens and his wife. “Adrien Quatennens is suspected of having engaged in domestic violence.”. Le Canard also recalls the approach of the deputy’s wife and her desire not to file a complaint. The newspaper also contacted the parliamentarian’s lawyer, who insists that this handrail was filed “following a dispute in order to protect itself in the event of a dispute over this divorce”. But it is above all the political aspect of this affair which is the subject of the article in Le Canard Enchaîné. “Already, the questioning by several women of a faithful of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Eric Coquerel […] had set fire to La France Insoumise”, writes the newspaper, which quotes an elected LFI, obviously worried: “Adrien is one of those who embody the future of the party, after Mélenchon. This new case can only cause an earthquake.”

What is a handrail, of which Adrien Quatennens is the subject?

Adrien Quatennens is not the subject of a complaint. It is a handrail that was filed against him, by his companion Céline. And the difference is far from trivial. The purpose of the daybook is not “to initiate proceedings against the perpetrator, but to report the nature and date of the facts to the police”, explains the Public Service site, even giving an example which could be similar to the procedure aimed at Adrien Quatennens: “dating the departure of your spouse from the home can, for example, be used in the event of a divorce.”

But the Quatennens couple must now deal with very strong media exposure. For two reasons: firstly because the Lille public prosecutor’s office was seized of the filing of the handrail, as indicated by BFMTV, although he did not want to speak to the press to comment on the information. The public prosecutor’s office should therefore take legal action on this daybook, with the opening of an investigation: when a daybook is filed in the context of a family dispute, it is in fact customary for the public prosecutor’s office to request clarifications, to ensure that the desire not to file a complaint is very real and that there is no situation of psychological influence. It’s even the procedure to follow by police officers in the event of suspicion of domestic violence. And this, even if the two people making up the couple expressly request that there be no legal action.

Who is Céline Quatennens, the companion of Adrien, LFI deputy?

Adrien Quatennens has always remained very discreet about his private life, never appearing publicly as a couple. However, the LFI deputy from the North is well married, to a woman named Céline. But the couple is therefore in the process of divorce, as he announced in a press release. Never mentioned in the portraits devoted to the rebellious thirty-something, she therefore seems to prefer the shadows. Together, the couple have a daughter, as it was echoed The voice of the North.