ADR: “Natural reaction” By Marcantonio inaugurated in Fiumicino

ADR Natural reaction By Marcantonio inaugurated in Fiumicino

(Finance) – “How many times every day do we think that our society is taking a direction that is too stressful, consumerist and compromising? How much of our attitude alters the natural balance of the world around us? And what remains within us of the natural world where do we belong?” What he tells is a powerful message “Natural Reaction” By Marcantoniothe work of contemporary art depicting a life-size white rhinoceros, approximately four meters long with a fifty-inch screen set in the horn, which from today passengers will be able to admire in theboarding area E of the Leonardo da Vinci.

There new work installed in the Roman airport leaves no room for interpretation: the white rhino, an endangered animal with just two female specimens still on the planet, sends out its last desperate cry and leaves a spark of awareness to passengers departing from the main Italian airport. A message he echoes Rome airports that with this work, together with ACI (Airports Council International) And IATA (International Air Transport Association), supports the fight against illegal trafficking of wild animals to promote the protection of biodiversity which, according to theInternational Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), generates between 7 and 23 billion dollars every year, one of the most lucrative illicit commercial activities in the world.

This morning’s presentation ceremony at the Leonardo da Vinci in Fiumicino saw the participation of president of Aeroporti di Roma Vincenzo Nunziata, from the vice president External Relations and Sustainability Veronica Pamio and of Simonetta Giordani, general secretary of the Civita Association.

“With the installation of this work – he commented Nunziata during his opening speech – we confirm our commitment to building the airport of the future, a place where it is possible to find spaces for study and reflection also on important and urgent environmental issues, such as the protection of the environment and nature and the fight to climate change, crucial issues for Aeroporti di Roma. Our intense artistic and cultural programming is therefore part of ADR’s sustainability strategy and has allowed us in recent years to transform Leonardo da Vinci Airport into a unique place, increasingly engaging and oriented towards beauty, not only for travellers, but also for our community and the territory in which we are located, contributing to the achievement of great goals demonstrated by the numerous international awards that have placed Fiumicino airport at the top of European airports in terms of quality of service”.

“I imagined an enormous white rhinoceros passing at full speed through an office, throwing desks and computers into the air, an act of rebellion on the part of nature which, awakened, becomes an unstoppable force that reacts to our lifestyle, always crazier and more stressful. It is a dramatic and at the same time ironic scene, a tragicomic image that invites us to reflect on our way of life. What will the employees of that office do? Will they put everything back in order or will they take advantage of it to change their lives? They will see the white rhino as a warning sign, as an opportunity to be seized, or as yet another reaction of nature to which we will not give importance? If it happened to us, what would we do? The white rhino rebels against our habits, it is a desperate act, the last cry of an animal in danger of extinction. If this vision intrigues us or makes us smile it is because perhaps inside us there is a small rhinoceros that sometimes would like to overturn the table and change its life”, explained theauthor of Natural Reaction, Marcantonio.

Furthermore, the initiative is supported by Italian culture, the association whose main purpose is the dissemination and promotion of projects, concrete actions and good practices aimed at supporting the world of culture in order to stimulate, through it, the ethical, social and economic growth and development of individuals and of communities as a whole, improving relations between peoples. Cultura Italiae also oversaw the choice of the work for the criteria of sustainability and awareness on environmental issues.

The ADR case in the Sustainability Report of the Civita Association – This morning’s event was also an opportunity to present “the ADR case” contained in Sustainability Report by the Civita Association, that is, the results of the cultural activities carried out during 2022 by Aeroporti di Roma and their impact, in economic, social and environmental terms. The cultural initiatives promoted by ADR have generated positive effects on income and employment in the area, through the involvement of around fourteen suppliers involved in the projects analysed, 100% of which are local (based in Rome and its province). Through the evaluation of Civita it was also possible to estimate the impact on the creation of knowledge and the number of young people involved in the initiatives. Specifically, through the involvement of families, the spread of the habit of participating in cultural initiatives was promoted, with thousands of children having the opportunity to take part. Regarding the contribution of culture in promoting social cohesion, inclusion and participation, it has been estimated that more than 4 million people from all over the world have been involved in these projects, benefiting from the works and initiatives undertaken. Furthermore, female participation in the projects examined was high (48%).