AdR, Bruni (Enav): “United by long collaboration on safety, procedures and sustainability”

AdR Bruni Enav United by long collaboration on safety procedures

(Finance) – “I am pleased to be present here today, on the day we celebrate a very important milestone for ADR. I like to remember on this occasion the long collaboration between ADR and ENAVcharacterized by a shared vision of the world of civil aviation”. This is what was declared by Alessandra Bruni, President of ENAVat the event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Roman airport management company.

Bruni placed the emphasis on aspects of cooperation between AdR and ENAVoriented towards “sharing and evolution of operational concepts functional to the common vision of the service that has seen how main stakeholder the passenger“.

“In this context AdR and ENAV were the first in Italy to introduce Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) – underlined Bruni – a set of operating procedures and technologies developed on a common platform that allows a better use of the airport through a continuous exchange of information”.

The collaboration between ENAV and AdR – he added – has resulted in a “integration of technology roadmaps of both companies with the aim of introduce innovations expected and in line with the constant development of the world of aviation. A significant example of this synergy is the ongoing collaboration in Europe for SESAR projects in collaboration with Deployment Manager”

“We are, and I would like to highlight this, united with ADR also in social initiatives in the airport community – the President of ENAV recalled – such as the project Lives in Transit born on the initiative of Don Giovanni Soccorsi and of the Parish reality inside the airport, to help homeless migrants who want to return to their country of origin”.

“We have been and we will be united to flyand to do it better and better, with collaborative projects aimed at maintaining and improving the high standards safety necessary for the overall sustainability of airport operations in a challenging context such as that of civil aviation”.