AdI, INPS: it is possible to check the status of applications in January

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(Finance) – The users who have applied for Inclusion Allowance by January 31st they will be able to view it on the INPS institutional portal, within the procedure Adi, whether this was accepted, rejected or placed in evidence or suspended due to the need for a supplementary investigation.

INPS makes this known, explaining that if the question was highlighted for Isee with discrepancies, the applicant will receive a specific communication and will have 60 days to integrate the documentation, fill in the omissions or resubmit a new DSU. If this deadline expires unnecessarily, the application will be rejected. Applications with an inconsistency between DSU and family status, resulting from the archives available to the Institute, and those for which a disadvantaged situation has been declared are suspended for appropriate further checks. Such requests will however be settled 60 days after the start of the suspension.

In particular, based on the principle of silent assent, if within the aforementioned deadline, the disadvantaged condition is not certified by the administration responsible for verification, INPS will be required to consider the application accepted and proceed with the payment. Furthermore, applications for which an additional investigation is necessary regarding income requirements or the presence of a disabled person in the family unit are suspended.

In the latter cases, the need for further checks will be communicated to the interested parties and the final outcome will be announced within the current month. Please note that, with respect to rejected applications, it is possible to submit a request for review, within 30 days of communication of the decision, or a judicial appeal. To this end, from the next 27 February, directly from the INPS institutional portal, the details of the reasons for rejection of the application will be viewable.