Adebom Counter – The 20 best attackers in the raid guide

You can currently find Adebom in the raids of Pokémon GO. We’ll show you the best counterattacks and their movesets. This is how you defeat Adebom in the level 3 raids.

What kind of Pokémon is Adebom? Adebom first appeared in the ninth generation of games, i.e. the Crimson and Crimson games. It only made its debut in Pokémon GO in September 2023 and brings with it the type combination Flying and Dark.

You can now grab it in the level 3 raids, it is one of the Pokémon in the “Día de Muertes” event.

Can Adebom be shiny? Yes, with luck you can also catch the shiny version of Adebom. However, the chance of this is low.

Here we show you the best counterattacks against Adebom, which can quickly defeat him due to his type effectiveness.

Defeat Adebom in the raid – use these counterattacks

  • Mega-Diancie with stone throwing and magic ticket
  • Crypto-Rameidon with catapult and hail of stones
  • Crypto Rhyhornior with catapult and rock launcher
  • Mega Despotar with catapult and stone edge
  • Mega-Guardevoir with charm and magic
  • Crypto Raikou with Thunder Shock and Electric Burst
  • Mega Rayquaza with dragon rod and zenith striker
  • Mega Voltenso with thunder tooth and electric shock
  • Crypto-Elevoltek with thunder shock and power surge
  • Voltriant with Thunder Shock and Charge Blast
  • Crypto magnetic zone with voltage change and current surge
  • Mega Aerodactyl with stone throwing and hail of stones
  • Crypto-Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Thunder Bolt
  • Crypto-Mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
  • Zekrom with charging beam and cross thunder
  • Crypto Despotar with catapult and stone edge
  • Crypto-Luxtra with spark jump and power surge
  • Crypto-Alola-Geowaz with waltz and power surge
  • Voltolos (animal spirit form) with volt change and thunderbolt
  • Crypto Snibunna with ice shards and avalanche
  • You should note this: The Crypto forms provide an attack boost compared to their “normal” variant. But the standard versions of the monsters mentioned also represent good counterattacks if you are missing the crypto versions.

    Adebom’s weaknesses: Adebom is particularly weak against Rock, Electric, Ice, and Fairy. So make sure you use attacks from these guys against Adebom whenever possible.

    To get a further boost, you can also use team power with other players.

    How many trainers do you need? Adebom can already be defeated solo as a level 3 boss. If you want to be on the safe side, you can secure an advantage against the bird in a team of two.

    Meanwhile, you will meet Darkrai in the legendary raids. We’ll show you the best counterattacks against Darkrai here.