Added an opening sound to the YouTube TV app

Added an opening sound to the YouTube TV app

The world’s largest video platform YouTube, They added a boot sound to the TV app. announced. Because why not?

YouTube TV When you open the application, you will now hear the sound you can listen to above. So why did the company feel the need to take such a step after years? The company’s statement on this matter was as follows: “The idea behind the rendered sound is that it is something lively, engaging and easily recognizable. As soon as you hear this sound, you will know that something is about to open on YouTube, even if you are away from your TV.”

It basically wants you to hear that YouTube is opened even if you are not in front of the television. Google, Of course, it does not sign a first in this regard. Many other video platforms use their own audio in a similar way. The internet giant, who also prepared a beautiful animation for this sound, explains that they came together with Antfood to create this sound and they did more than one experiment. It is also stated that this sound will appear at different points in the future.

YouTubeThese days, it attaches great importance to the TV application. For example, last week, the company brought the ever-growing Shorts format to televisions in a fully optimized form. For this company that prepares a modern interfaceShorts briefly stated the following about watching the videos on TV: “A smart TV, game console, or streaming device is required to use Shorts in the TV experience. Please note that this experience may not be available on some devices released before 2019.”


YouTube’s Chief Product Officer about the television expansion Neal Mohan briefly said: “By introducing Shorts to our community, we’ve changed the way people create and watch videos on YouTube. When we introduced this new format, we optimized the experience for mobile creators and viewers. Today, we’re expanding Shorts’ reach to our fastest growing area, TV screens. While this may seem like a natural next step, an incredible amount of time and care has gone into bringing this mobile-first experience to the big screen.”