Actors must step forward and take responsibility

Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer (M) has summoned the social media companies to be informed about how anti-Semitic messages are spread on the platforms.
– I also want to hear how they see their responsibility, and what measures they are prepared to take, he tells TV4 Nyheterna.

Since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out, the number of anti-Semitic posts on social media platforms has increased. Among other things, the Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism has raised the alarm that conspiracy theories about Jews from the 19th century have been given new life on social media.

Now Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer (M) announces that he will soon have a meeting with the social media companies, primarily to get an overview of the situation.

– I also want to hear how they see their responsibility, and what measures they are prepared to take so that we avoid seeing anti-Semitic messages spread in this way, he says.

– It is neither acceptable nor permitted. Therefore, all actors who can influence this must now step forward and take responsibility.

May lead to security threats

Gunnar Strömmer takes a serious view that hateful messages can be widely spread on various platforms, but also a risk of an increased security threat.

– The risks that exist in addition to discomfort and violations, is a very big risk of increased polarization and that the hateful messages are converted into security threats for the people who are hit by this, he says.

During the meeting, the Minister of Justice also wants to get an overview of other phenomena that have recently become widespread, as an example he mentions posts linked to the wave of violence.

– Gang criminals use social media to threaten or otherwise promote their criminal activities. There is a broader picture that I want to discuss with the companies in question.

TV4 Nyheterna is looking for the companies behind Facebook, Instagram Tiktok, Snapchat, Telegram and Google.