activists supported by Garrido sow trouble

activists supported by Garrido sow trouble

Gathered in a citizens’ assembly this weekend, these rebellious activists denounce “autocratic and vertical mechanisms” within LFI.

Outcry at LFI! In a letter addressed to the management, Monday February 12, rebellious activists supported by rebellious MP Raquel Garrido called for “rebuilding” La France insoumise and pleaded for more internal democracy, reports South West. Gathered in Gagny, in Seine-Saint-Denis, Saturday February 10, between 60 and 80 activists responded, according to one of the co-organizers. To justify their approach, he explains that poles were set up internally to organize a debate, in vain.

So, in their letter, the activists present to management the conclusions of their citizens’ assembly. “The structure of LFI is not democratic. Power is concentrated in the hands of a few people not mandated by activists,” they write, denouncing nothing more and nothing less than “autocratic and vertical mechanisms” within Rebellious France. Their solution to the problem? The establishment of a “constituent assembly” within the party. It is this assembly which would be responsible for “choosing” or even “revoking if necessary” the representatives of La France insoumise.

“The ethics and coherence of our commitment is to have a strong democratic requirement for our country and therefore for ourselves,” Raquel Garrido argued on Saturday morning on X, even wishing “a great day of work for the activists- s LFI which assembles[aient] in Gagny”. Questioned about this revolt last week, the coordinator of La France insoumise, Manuel Bompard, quickly avoided the problem, affirming that “some of them are no longer even activists at” LFI and that “they are an ultra-minority”.