Action hit with Jason Statham that all the star’s fans will get their money’s worth

Action hit with Jason Statham that all the stars fans

Jason Statham is now a guarantee for action films that have it all. Safe is no exception. If you’re a fan and don’t know the film yet, you should definitely change that tomorrow evening when it’s on TV. But the film is also worth it in other ways.

Tuesday on TV: That’s what Safe – Deadly Safe is all about

Luke Wright (Jason Statham) used to be one of the toughest cops in New York and part of a special unit. He has now long since left his past behind him and is living homeless on the streets of Manhattan. Until one day he accidentally sees the little girl Mei (Catherine Chan) being chased and harassed by a group of villains.

Luke Wright steps in, saves the child and soon realizes that he has stumbled into something much bigger than he could have imagined. Because this Girl has a photographic memory and memorized a mysterious code. That’s exactly why not only a whole bunch of mafiosi want to get after the child, but also various corrupt cops that Luke Wright knows from before.


Jason Statham’s character befriends the little child in Safe.

Safe with Jason Statham offers the full program for all fans of the star

This is where Jason Statham’s qualities come together entire city as a playground and venue. While the actor simply does what he does best (knocking, shooting and saying cool sayings), he is given a backdrop that was already excellent in Die Hard – Now.

The combination with a young girl who the rough action hero and ex-cop has to look after is not something that happens very often in Statham films. Together with the diverse opponents, a lot of ruckus and coolly staged fights We get a really refreshing melange here.

TV or stream: When and where is Safe – Deadly Safe with Jason Statham on?

The Jason Statham action film Safe premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, April 9th at 11:05 p.m. on Nitro broadcast. There is also a repeat, but it won’t come until April 11th at 1:20 a.m.

But of course you also have the option of streaming the film online. It is not included in a flat rate, but you can rent or buy it from Google, Amazon, Apple TV, Maxdome or Magenta TV.

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