Acid reflux: this first aid worker’s miracle cure

Acid reflux this first aid workers miracle cure

Against acid reflux and reflux, a first aider shared his “completely natural” recipe to drink just after a meal.

Unpleasant and painful, acid reflux (or “gastric reflux”) manifests itself by Burns going from the stomach to the throat, even the mouth. They generally occur after eating, especially with a large mealrich in fats, sugars, spices or acidifying foods such as cheeses, cold meats, offal, fermented foods or coffee. If they are occasional, these symptoms are mild most of the time. They remain no less annoying. On the other hand, if they are recurringthey may indicate a more serious problem and it is better to consult your doctor.

“Immediate” relief

To avoid acid reflux and a swollen stomach after a meal, Lionel Ventura, first aid trainer and founder of the account LVPrvention (2.4 million subscribers on TikTok) reveals the recipe for his mixture “completely natural that you will have to drink just after your meal“: we take a glass and fill it half plain water. Inside, we add the juice of half of a limea natural anti-inflammatory“, specifies the expert. We will then add a teaspoon of baking soda eating. We leave well foam. “Once it has finished foaming, add a second teaspoon of baking soda. Mix everything well, then once everything is well dissolved, just drink it and you will see, you will not have acid reflux“, assures the rescuer. Indeed, with a pH of 8.4 (above 7, the pH is said to be alkaline, the opposite of acid), food-grade baking soda neutralizes the effects of acidity in the stomach, which produces immediate relief. Contrary to what its acidic taste might suggest, lime (less acidifying than yellow) becomes alkaline when ingested. It therefore has deacidifying propertieswhich helps restore the acid-base balance of the body.

These people should not drink it

Attention to take the “food” version of baking soda (which is purified to stricter standards and considered safe for human consumption) and not the “household” or “technical” version which is used for domestic purposes and which should not be ingested. Also and above all, this anti-reflux remedy should not be taken by “people who cannot tolerate alkaline diets (functional colopathies for example, editor’s note)those who have breathing difficulties or those following a sodium-free (salt-free) diet“, specifies the rescuer.

In general, to avoid the occurrence of gastric reflux, it is advisable to avoid meals that are too fatty or too copious, to avoid going to bed too early after the end of a dinner (leave a delay of at least two hours before going to bed) and elevating your head 45° when lying down.