accused of creating videos for Navalny team, second journalist detained for ‘extremism’

accused of creating videos for Navalny team second journalist detained

A second Russian journalist has been detained in Russia for “ extremism », accused of having participated in the creation of videos for the team of the late opponent Alexeï Navalny, reported the American press agency Associated Press, with which he notably collaborated.

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Sergei Karelin is the second journalist to be arrested on these charges, after Konstantin Gabovalso detained on Saturday April 27, and who occasionally collaborated with the Canadian news agency Reuters.

The Associated Press said in a comment to AFP on Sunday: very concerned by the detention of Russian video journalist Sergei Karelin » and indicates “ search for additional information » on this matter.

Increased pressure on the media

Sergei Kareline and Konstantin Gabov are accused of having participated in the preparation of videos for the YouTube channel NavalnyLIVE from the team of Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny, who died in prison in February 2024 in murky circumstances. His movement was classified as ” extremist » by the courts, which puts his collaborators and supporters at risk of prosecution.

Most of the deceased opponent’s associates are in exile abroad, others have received long prison sentences. The Russian authorities have increased their pressure on independent and foreign media in Russia in recent months, in a context of all-out repression of dissident voices since the start of the offensive in Ukraine.

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