Accelerates metabolism, lowers blood sugar, prolongs satiety… Apply now!

Accelerates metabolism lowers blood sugar prolongs satiety Apply now

During the weight loss process, you should pay extra attention to what you eat and drink. In particular, you may have to work extra hard to get rid of belly fat that never melts. By adding some foods to your balanced diet program, you can turn your metabolism into a fat burning monster. Expert Dietitian Elif Bilgin Baş gave information about the subject.


With the capsaicin in its content, it causes an increase in the body’s calorie burning rate, thereby accelerating the metabolism. Cayenne pepper also increases energy expenditure in adipose tissues and helps regulate insulin levels.


Green tea containing phenol compounds helps to accelerate metabolism by causing an increase in body temperature. Caffeine in its content also supports this speed increase. For this reason, beverages containing caffeine are also recommended to speed up metabolism.


Due to the high fiber content of whole grain foods, the amount of energy spent during their digestion increases. At the same time, fiber foods have very positive effects on weight loss as they prolong the satiety period.



Thanks to the bromelain in its content, it facilitates digestion and also helps to speed up the metabolism.


Broccoli, which has a very high fiber content, helps to regulate blood sugar levels and accelerates metabolism.

While apple increases the metabolic rate, it also helps to cleanse the liver. With the help of methionine and peptides in its content, it causes a decrease in cholesterol levels and helps to balance glucose levels. Pear has similar effects with apple, balancing high lipid levels and accelerating metabolism. At the same time, due to their high fiber content, an extra energy is spent during their digestion.



Spices such as ginger, thyme and cinnamon containing capsaicin cause an increase in body temperature and enable the metabolism to work faster.


Since protein-rich foods take a long time to digest, the energy consumed by metabolism increases during this period. Consumption of protein-rich foods will prolong our satiety and increase our metabolic rate.