AC Ajaccio – Toulouse: the two teams finish tied, the summary

AC Ajaccio Toulouse the two teams finish tied the

ACA-TFC. AC Ajaccio and Toulouse FC finished tied, with a score of 0 everywhere, in this duel of the 34th day of Ligue 1, at the Stade Francois Coty, this Sunday, May 7, 2023. Relive the highlights of the meeting.

16:53 – AC Ajaccio and Toulouse leave with a clean score (0-0)

The two teams remain tied (0-0) in this Ligue 1 duel. However, it is the Toulouse F.C. who have the advantage in numbers, regarding ball possession (61% – 39%) and regarding the number of shots on target (5 – 2). This superiority did not ultimately materialize on the scoreboard.

16:47 – Corner in favor of AC Ajaccio

89ᵉ. It is a new corner which is obtained on the right side at the moment by AC Ajaccio. The latter will be pulled by Ivane Chegra to put his opponent in difficulty and why not take the advantage in the score (0-0).

16:46 – Vincent Marchetti is flagged offside

88ᵉ. Vincent Marchetti falls into the offside trap. The referee puts an end to this action by AC Ajaccio.

16:46 – Kevin Spadanuda is replaced by Cyrille Bayala at Ajacciens

88ᵉ. We rotate the workforce at the Ajacciens: Kevin Spadanuda makes his exit and Cyrille Bayala comes into play.

16:45 – No penalty says the referee

87ᵉ. After consulting the video for a contentious gesture in the area, Florent Batta announces his final decision: no penalty for AC Ajaccio.

4:45 p.m. – Video arbitration in progress for a foul in the area!

87ᵉ. The game is stopped at the Stade Francois Coty: the referee hesitates to whistle a penalty for AC Ajaccio after a contentious gesture in the area and calls on the VAR.

16:44 – Oh the big mistake in the surface of Maxime Dupe!

85ᵉ. It’s whistled! The referee signals a penalty for AC Ajaccio. It is Maxime Dupe who is at fault and risks penalizing his team.

16:43 – Corner for AC Ajaccio

85ᵉ. AC Ajaccio gets an interesting opportunity to take the lead on the scoreboard (0-0) by immediately obtaining its 3rd corner, on the right of the lawn, while we play the 85th minute in Ajaccio .

16:42 – What a save from the AC Ajaccio goalkeeper

84ᵉ. Toulouse FC’s attempt narrowly fails as we reach the 84th minute of the game.

16:42 – Mohamed Youssouf finds the frame!

84ᵉ. Interesting opportunity for Mohamed Youssouf: the shot is on target but the opposing goalkeeper is vigilant and can relaunch his own.

16:41 – Fares Chaibi is replaced by Ado Onaiwu at Toulouse

83ᵉ. New change for Toulouse FC: Ado Onaiwu takes the place of Fares Chaibi.

16:41 – Thijs Dallinga is replaced by Said Hamulic at Toulouse

83ᵉ. Said Hamulic came on as a replacement for Thijs Dallinga in the 83rd minute.

4:40 p.m. – AC Ajaccio will get some fresh air

82ᵉ. AC Ajaccio wins a free kick in its last entrenchments which will allow it to ward off the danger and preserve the draw (0-0) in this 2nd half. A relief for the Ajacciens a few moments from the end of the meeting!

16:35 – Decisive stop by the goalkeeper on this shot from Toulouse FC!

77ᵉ. Toulouse FC comes to bring danger with this new strike, but the opposing goalkeeper manages to ward off the threat as we reach the 77th minute of the game.

4:35 p.m. – Vincent Marchetti frames his shot!

77ᵉ. The Ajacciens had the opportunity to take the lead! Vincent Marchetti manages to frame this attempt, but it does not pass.

16:33 – Veljko Birmancevic does not fit!

75ᵉ. Toulouse FC tries to find the opening but the attempt of Veljko Birmancevic is finally aborted.

16:33 – Thomas Mangani is replaced by Tony Strata at Ajacciens

75ᵉ. Tony Strata replaces Thomas Mangani.

16:32 – Corner for AC Ajaccio

74ᵉ. AC Ajaccio has an interesting opportunity to take the lead on the scoreboard by immediately obtaining its 2nd corner, on the far right of the lawn, as we reach the 74th minute in Ajaccio.

16:31 – Zakaria Aboukhlal is replaced by Veljko Birmancevic at Toulouse

73ᵉ. Veljko Birmancevic succeeds Zakaria Aboukhlal.

16:31 – Change for Toulouse FC

72ᵉ. A new player enters this match in the 72nd minute of play: Toulouse FC will put some fresh blood on the pitch for the rest of the clash.

16:30 – Corner in favor of Toulouse FC

72ᵉ. Toulouse FC created an interesting opportunity to take the lead (0-0) by immediately obtaining their very first corner. It is Branco Van den Boomen who is about to shoot him to the far left of the field.

4:30 p.m. – Parade of the goalkeeper on this strike from AC Ajaccio!

71ᵉ. AC Ajaccio’s attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 71st minute of the match.

4:30 p.m. – Fares Chaibi frames his shot!

71ᵉ. The Toulouse had the opportunity to take the lead! Fares Chaibi manages to put that ball in the frame on this shot, but it doesn’t go in.

16:27 – Yellow card for Vincent Marchetti (AC Ajaccio)

69ᵉ. Vincent Marchetti, the AC Ajaccio player, collects a yellow card.

16:25 – Zakaria Aboukhlal misses the target!

67ᵉ. Zakaria Aboukhlal has the chance to put the visiting team one up, but the shot flies wide.