AC Ajaccio – Monaco: AC Ajaccio will have to push, the following live

AC Ajaccio Monaco AC Ajaccio will have to push

ACA-ASM. The Monegasques are currently leading by 0 to 1 in this Ligue 1 duel, this Sunday March 19, 2023, against AC Ajaccio. There is still a long way to go for the Ajacciens as the second round has started at the Stade Francois Coty. The rest of the match live.

14:18 – Youcef Belaili is replaced by Fernand Mayembo at Ajacciens

61ᵉ. The AC Ajaccio coach makes a new change: Fernand Mayembo enters in place of Youcef Belaili.

14:17 – New free kick for AC Ajaccio

60ᵉ. The referee has just awarded a 10th free kick in favor of AC Ajaccio. The Ajacciens are nevertheless led in terms of set pieces as on the scoreboard, the Monegasques having a total of 12 free kicks since the start of the match. The score is still 0-1 in this game

14:11 – Red card for Cyrille Bayala (AC Ajaccio)!

53ᵉ. Jeremy Stinat expels Cyrille Bayala. AC Ajaccio will have to tighten the game.

14:07 – Yellow card for Guillermo Maripan (AS Monaco)

49ᵉ. Guillermo Maripan, the AS Monaco player, collects a yellow card.

14:05 – A free kick will allow AS Monaco to breathe

48ᵉ. The referee whistled a free kick in favor of the Monegasques who were stuck in their last 30 meters and could see AC Ajaccio come back to score at the end of this opportunity. This free kick will be struck in a few seconds.

14:03 – New free kick in favor of AS Monaco

46ᵉ. Another free kick for AS Monaco, the 9th since kick-off, is signaled by Jeremy Stinat in the AC Ajaccio half, as we play the 46th minute of play in this AC Ajaccio-Monaco . The ideal moment to double his gap in this 2nd period.

14:03 – Start of the 2nd half

The kick-off of the 2nd half has just been given by the referee of the meeting, at the Stade Francois Coty. The score is 0-1.

13:49 – The players go to the locker room at Stade Francois Coty

The match is off to a good start for AS Monaco: at the end of this first round, possession of the ball is clearly in favor of AS Monaco (59% against 41% for AC Ajaccio), who moreover created the most serious chances with 2 shots on target against 1 shot on target for AC Ajaccio and which therefore logically leads in this part (0-1).

13:49 – Youcef Belaili misses the target!

45ᵉ. AC Ajaccio try to find the opening but Youcef Belaili’s attempt escapes the frame.

13:47 – Injury of Youssouf Fofana

45ᵉ. Youssouf Fofana (AS Monaco) is injured as we play the 45th minute in this AC Ajaccio – Monaco.

13:44 – AC Ajaccio will emerge

45ᵉ. AC Ajaccio benefited from a free kick in their last entrenchments which will allow them to ward off the danger and avoid taking another goal (0-1) in this 1st period.

13:42 – Mathieu Coutadeur misses the target!

43ᵉ. Mathieu Coutadeur has the equalizing ball at the end of his foot.

13:41 – Wissam Ben Yedder is flagged offside

42ᵉ. Jeremy Stinat mentions an offside against AS Monaco. Wissam Ben Yedder was in an illicit position.

13:34 – Corner for AS Monaco

35ᵉ. AS Monaco have just won their very first corner in this match. The opportunity to increase your score advantage? We are in the 35th minute in Ajaccio and it is Vanderson who is about to take this corner kick on the right of the field.

13:29 – Offside whistled against AC Ajaccio

29ᵉ. An AC Ajaccio player is trapped offside and allows his opponents to clear.

13:27 – Wissam Ben Yedder opens the scoring for AS Monaco (0-1)!

Wissam Ben Yedder opened the scoring for AS Monaco in the 27th minute of play in this 1st half. The match between AC Ajaccio and AS Monaco is now on track: we are 0 to 1 at the Stade Francois Coty!

13:27 – The Monegasques have a real goal opportunity!

27ᵉ. But what happened at the Stade Francois Coty? AS Monaco obtains a magnificent possibility of improving the score.

13:27 – The decisive goalkeeper on this attempt by AC Ajaccio

27ᵉ. AC Ajaccio’s attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 27th minute of the game.

13:27 – Shot on target for AS Monaco

27ᵉ. AS Monaco thought they had found the opening, but this shot, which nevertheless took the path of the frame, did not find the net.

13:23 – Free kick for AS Monaco

24ᵉ. AS Monaco wins a free kick in this 1st half, which will be played in a few moments. The score is still tied in this match AC Ajaccio – Monaco, but the Ajacciens seem to be committing more faults having conceded for the moment 5 free kicks against 4 in the 24th minute of play at the Stade Francois Coty.

13:20 – New free kick for AC Ajaccio

21ᵉ. Jeremy Stinat whistles a 4th free kick for AC Ajaccio. The Monegasques have at this stage as many set pieces in their stats. The score is still 0-0 at Stade Francois Coty.

13:18 – Jeremy Stinat whistles a free kick for AS Monaco

19ᵉ. The referee has just awarded a 4th free kick for AS Monaco. The accumulation of free kicks is also to the advantage of the Monegasques with 4 set pieces against 3 for the Ajacciens. The score is still 0-0 in the 19th minute.

13:17 – Ismael Diallo is replaced by Mickael Alphonse at Ajacciens

17ᵉ. We rotate the workforce at the Ajacciens: Ismael Diallo is recalled to the bench while Mickael Alphonse makes his appearance before the end of the first half.

13:13 – Yellow card for Ismael Diallo (AC Ajaccio)

14ᵉ. Game director Jeremy Stinat shows AC Ajaccio player Ismael Diallo a yellow card.

13:12 – Free kick for AC Ajaccio

13ᵉ. AC Ajaccio gets a free kick in this 1st period, which will be hit in a few seconds. Reflecting the score of this AC Ajaccio – Monaco, we are perfectly equal on set pieces with 2 free kicks everywhere between AC Ajaccio and AS Monaco while we play the 13th minute of play at Stade Francois Coty .