Absolute sci-fi insider tip, in which Star Wars star Pedro Pascal fights for survival

Absolute sci fi insider tip in which Star Wars star Pedro

You don’t need huge budgets to create exciting science fiction cinema. Films that take an exciting look into the future and with their fantastic picture worlds cast a spell. One such film is the sci-fi hotspot Prospect.

Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell’s feature film debut premiered at South by Southwest in March 2018 and will be released at the short film of the same name from 2013, also implemented by Earl and Caldwell. With a budget of $3.9 million, the young filmmakers have expanded their vision.

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  • Sci-Fi Insider Tip: Can We Trust Pedro Pascal in Prospect?

    Prospect begins by landing on a remote forest moon. Cee (Sophie Thatcher) and her father Damon (Jay Duplass) come here to rare gems to mine. They could solve the small family’s financial problems in no time at all, but the mysterious surroundings harbor some dangers.

    You can watch the trailer for Prospect here:

    Prospect – Trailer (German) HD

    Not only nature is dangerous. On the forest moon drift shady characters around, especially Ezra (Pedro Pascal), who runs into Cee and Damon. A valuable asset, greedy eyes and the perfect opportunity – no one knows about the crimes taking place in the Circle of Silent Trees.

    Between greed and violence, Prospect tells a story about loneliness and the question of trust. The film is particularly strong because of its atmosphere, which shows us the inner conflicts of the characters in the oppressive images tangible and reminiscent of sci-fi adventures like Annihilation, High Life and Solaris.

    In addition, Prospect is a perfect preparation for the launch of The Last of Us on January 16, 2023. The film adaptation of the video game masterpiece from Naughty Dog also kidnapped abandoned, apocalyptic places and tells of a man who protects a young girl. Looking back, it’s almost as if Prospect was Pedro Pascal’s test run for The Last of Us.

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