Absenteeism, teleworking… The reasons for the drop in productivity in France

Absenteeism teleworking The reasons for the drop in productivity in

In this episode of La Loupe, Xavier Yvon discusses with Muriel Breiman, deputy editor-in-chief of the Economy department of L’Express, the reasons for France’s drop in productivity compared to our neighbors.


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The team: Xavier Yvon (presentation), Mathias Penguilly and Xavier Yvon (writing), Marion Galard (editing) and Jules Krot (production).

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Xavier Yvon: That’s it, it’s almost mid-September! At this point – almost – everyone has returned to work. For some, this return to school may be a source of joy: that of starting a new project, finding work that we enjoy or colleagues to whom we want to tell about our vacations… For others, it is perhaps be painful or a source of stress and there are some for whom the return to school is a simple return home, because since they adopted 100% distancing, they no longer leave their living room.

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed the world of work and the aspirations of workers too. So much so that the first impacts have been observed on the country’s productivity. At L’Express, the person who analyzes these developments is Muriel Breiman, deputy editor-in-chief of the Economy department. She has a lot to tell us…

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