Abnormal heat is arriving in these departments, up to 31 degrees expected this weekend

Abnormal heat is arriving in these departments up to 31

A heat peak should be recorded in several cities in France this weekend. These abnormally high temperatures are notably due to the presence of a mass of hot air rising from the Equator.

A taste of summer? This weekend, part of France will face abnormal heat for the start of April. According to the latest forecasts from Météo-France, temperatures will gradually rise to significantly exceed seasonal norms. From Friday, at the end of the week, the mercury will be close to 30 degrees with a temperature of 28 degrees expected on the Basque coast and 27 degrees in Bordeaux. From Saturday, the heat will become widespread and affect several regions of the country.

“Several clues seem to point in this direction. First of all, the presence of an exceptionally warm air mass, at record levels for the beginning of April, with a temperature between 16 and 20°C at 850 hPa (1500 meters ). This type of configuration in the heart of summer in France would give us temperatures of 32 to 36°C during the day!” explained Météo France this Monday April 1st. A forecast confirmed by the Météo Chaîne, with supporting map, which announces the color: “From Thursday, the weather will improve almost everywhere, except in Brittany. Friday, it will be summer in the south with 25 to 30°C near the Pyrenees. This configuration could cause temperatures to soar in the south-western departments. Between Thursday and Friday, a first tropical night could even be observed in the Biarritz region.

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Saturday April 6, temperatures will approach 30 degrees in Center Val-de-Loire. 29 degrees are announced in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées) and the symbolic bar of 30 degrees should be crossed in Bourges with a national record of 31 degrees for this Saturday. In Paris, the mercury is expected to reach 28 degrees. Other cities are affected by this unprecedented heat wave, 27 degrees are forecast in Auxerre and 25 degrees in Tours.

In addition, “the rise of the southerly wind will accentuate the heat in the southwest by crossing the Pyrenees” specifies Météo France. We are talking about the Foehn effect. “Also, it is not excluded, given the high temperature of the air mass present between Friday and Saturday above France and the presence of the south wind, that the 30°C mark is brushed against the south of Aquitaine”, confirms Météo France.

Sun cream, caps and parasols should therefore be out on the beaches of the Basque country and Landes this weekend of April 6, 2024. On Sunday, the arrival of rain could help bring down temperatures. The following week, they will remain slightly above seasonal norms.