A “wheel of protection”, the new tool for identifying young victims of sexual violence

A wheel of protection the new tool for identifying young

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    To fight against sexual violence, the first and most complex step is often to speak out. In this regard, the Departmental Observatory of Violence Against Women of Seine-Saint-Denis has unveiled a new, simple tool for identifying young victims.

    To denounce sexual violence and help victims, we still need to put words to the actions and be able to listen to those who have something to say. But, as we have seen over the years, freeing one’s voice is a complex first step, particularly among the youngest who view aggression as a fault or shame. To open the dialogue, the Departmental Observatory of Violence Against Women of Seine-Saint-Denis has relied on a new simple tool, made of cardboard: a protection wheel.

    Three wheels, to discuss your situation without speaking

    What does this wheel of protection say? She gives written instructions, which allow the victim to choose situations and talk about what they are experiencing without saying words that are difficult to cope with. Modeled on the pregnancy disc used by gynecologists and midwives, it has three concentric wheels that victims are invited to handle.

    • The first proposes a graduation of felt states, going from the lightest to the darkest, from “I’m happy” At “I am desperatee” ;
    • The second wheel, called “I live”scales situations from dark purple to light blue, from “I get along well with the family” At “I want to kill myself.” ;
    • The third wheel identifies needs such as, for example, “I want to feel free”.

    By manipulating this physical tool, young victims can therefore give an overview of what they are experiencing, much more easily than by naming their own condition.


    A tool that aims to better identify victims

    For those working in the field, this tool could enable the identification of victims who often slip through the cracks. “Our mission is to identify vulnerability factors. We are faced with people who, when we meet them, do not always recognize themselves as victims of sexual violence.”, remarked Marie Pellieux, deputy director of Amicale du nid 93, during the presentation of the tool. Thus, she gives the example of a young woman, who was able to discuss a problematic situation and find help by pointing out “I feel guilty“, “I“I receive offers from strangers on the networks” and “I need to understand how I got here” without judgment and without searching for words.

    160,000 child victims per year, who must be heard

    The wheel of protection will be added to other evaluation devices such as the violenceometer or the michtometer, carried by the association Agir contre la Prostitution des Enfants (ACPE), but criticized by the Departmental Observatory of Violence Against Children. women who see it as a language “not respectful of young people”estimates Judge Édouard Durand, former co-president of the Independent Commission against incest and sexual violence against children (Ciivise).

    “I believe that the wheel of protection is the first tool that realizes that children have needs. We always expect people whose language has been violated to be the first to speak with us. In reality, we are waiting for something impossible. This is why 160,000 child victims each year have no face.”, he adds. Hoping this wheel gets developed here and there.