a VPN with unstoppable advantages, a short guide to its advantages

a VPN with unstoppable advantages a short guide to its

With the explosion of streaming and SVOD platforms around the world, often offering exclusive content depending on the territory, VPNs have become essential tools for consumers of films, series and even video games, since it is possible to pay less for your games! (we’ll explain everything to you in a few moments). There are obviously different VPN brands, with different services, but if there is one service that stands out from the others, it is that of Surfshark. And we explain why.


A company created in 2018, it quickly distinguished itself from others by the quality of its services and its competitive prices, knowing that it was even subjected to in-depth security audits by Cure53, which is a benchmark in cybersecurity. So much so that in 2022, Surfshark and NordVPN merged together, reaching 15 million daily users worldwide. This does not change much for the general public, since in fact, the two VPNs remained two different entities, with their own competitive services and prices.

Among the technical details that will please those in the know, know that Surfshark has a huge network of more than 3,200 servers spread across 100 different countries, which obviously allows users to hide their IP address and have access to a virtual IP address. Of course, all data exchanged through its servers is end-to-end encrypted, which guarantees a secure and anonymous connection. Moreover, you should know that Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, a member state of the 14 Eyes, which ensures a jurisdiction favorable to the protection of privacy. Also note that Surfshark is also committed to protecting against DNS leaks (the equivalent of an Internet directory) and therefore to preserving the confidentiality of its user.


But what makes Surfshark better than other VPNs? Quite simply because the 2-year subscription is the cheapest of the market, but above all that Surfshark is the only VPN provider to offer unlimited simultaneous connections. This simply means that it is possible to share your subscription with all your loved ones so that they can also benefit from the same advantages. But that’s not all, we also find others very interesting features like Alternative ID. It’s aboutne feature that allows you to generate a completely new online identity and email address that you can use on the Internet. In this way, Surfshark creates a new profile with a different and distinct email address to keep your real identity secret. Otherwise, Surfshark also offers Camouflage mode, Surfshark Search, the Dynamic MultiHop option for a double VPN, support for dedicated IP addresses, and finally a temporary alias generator. In any case, if the service is not satisfactory, the first 30 days allow you to be fully reimbursed.



But that’s not all, Surfshark not only aims to protect your privacy on the Internet, it can also allow you to pay less online. As everyone knows, the prices of any product differ depending on the country where it is sold. Plane tickets, hotel reservations, cinema tickets and even video games, all these products offer prices that vary depending on when you visit the site. This is called price discrimination. For the purchase of plane tickets for example, the more time you spend on a site, it is not uncommon to see a price increase because the data detects great interest via your navigation. VPNs like Surfshark allow you to believe that it is a first visit and therefore benefit from cheaper prices. You will also need to remember to delete your cookies beforehand and once your VPN is activated, you will avoid online tracking, which will allow you to obtain prices not influenced by your personal data. This also works for hotel reservations since the principle is the same. Better yet, did you know that VPNs like Surfshark can give you location-based discounts? Indeed, some sites offer discounts or promotions depending on certain regions or countries, and using a VPN allows you to take advantage of these special offers. Some websites even go so far as to adopt different prices depending on the time of visit and of course, via a VPN, it is possible to change the time zone.

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Another advantage of using Surfshark: enjoying exclusive content on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, AppleTV+ or even Paramount+. For example, all films produced by Disney (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and 20th Century Studios) are accessible on their Disney+ platform 45 days after their theatrical release in the United States. In France, with the media timeline, you have to wait between 2 and 3 years before you can benefit from it. Using a VPN allows you to benefit from all this content inaccessible in France. It is even possible to access platforms that do not exist in France, such as HBO Max for example. So new perspectives are available to you.

And for people who have doubts, know that the use of a VPN is perfectly legal in France, but be aware that purchasing products or services using a VPN may go against the conditions of use. It is therefore preferable to check the general conditions of use before making a purchase, knowing that
Surfshark does not endorse the use of a VPN in a manner that may violate the terms of use of other service providers or suppliers of goods.


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Various Video Games