A very interesting search engine has been released for the Arc Search browser.

A very interesting search engine has been released for the

A generally popular iOS browser designed for those who want a different experience. Arc Search It gained an interesting feature.

Arc browser, which was recently released for Mac and Windows, behind The Browser Company prepared by Arc Search, Now “Call ArcIt comes with a feature called “. You can watch the official promotional video below. Thanks to this feature You can communicate with Arc as if you were talking on the phone. This infrastructure is powered by productive artificial intelligence and directly “call/receive answer” aims. So how exactly does this feature work? Open the Arc Search app and connect your iPhone The moment you put it to your ear, the system starts listening to what you say.conveys the answers it finds to you via the handset. In other words, you can now make calls with the browser as if you were making a phone call to a friend. The infrastructure, which looks really interesting and works well through the proximity sensor of iPhones, manages to make a splash in the field. Before this, the application first gained the voice search feature with the update.


For this, of course, the browser needs microphone access permission. It also now offers its users two different size toolkits. In this way, you can quickly access the browser directly from the home screen, within the scope of the latest update. “Page Zoom” And “Request Desktop Site” options are also highlighted (They are located on the upward arrow button at the bottom right of the opened page.).

It shares the same basis with Safari as Apple does not allow it outside Europe. Arc Search focuses specifically on search and, in this regard, “Searching is 2 times faster than Safari and Chrome” The company that made the statement is not really lying in this, As soon as you open the browser, the search page appears. The application, which can also be obtained from Turkey, especially “Browse for meIt stands out with its ” feature. Within the scope of this artificial intelligence-supported feature, the browser scans the subject you want to get information about. he is making a call And It presents the results elegantly in a special interface.

If desired, of course, the browser can also be used for normal Google-based searches. It automatically blocks many contents that may negatively affect your reading experience on the pages. It can be made the default browser if desired. Arc Search, It offers a fast and fluid transition between open tabs. The browser can be used without logging in to any account. If the account is logged in, “Arc AnywhereIt instantly synchronizes tabs with the Arc browser on Mac/Windows via the ” infrastructure. The remarkable mobile browser is currently only available on iOS and is free. from here can be obtained.