A tough detective series on Netflix is ​​full of corruption, dry humor and cola

In “Belascoarán, Private Detective” (Netflix), a young man investigates corruption and Keli Cola in Mexico City in the 1970s. MeinMMO editor Lydia is a crime fiction fan and reveals what sets the series apart.

What kind of series is this? In “Belascoarán, Private Detective,” the eponymous Héctor Belascoarán Shayne gives up the security of his well-paying engineering job and his loveless marriage to become a private investigator when he realizes that a series of murders are the work of a serial killer.

The police – whether overwhelmed or corrupt – are not interested in the strangled women, so Belascoarán puts himself in the killer’s sights. His path keeps crossing with that of the beautiful and damn cool racing driver Irene.

The series is based on the novel series by Mexican author Paco Ignacio Taibo II and takes place in Mexico City in the 1970s. The Netflix production from 2022 is the most recent film adaptation. So far there is a season with 3 episodes of 70-80 minutes each, each of which revolves around a different case.

You can get a first impression in the trailer embedded here in the original Spanish language. You can find German trailers on Netflix.

Belascoarán, private detective – trailer for the Mexican crime series in the original language

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Private detective with leather jacket instead of trench coat

What makes the series so good? “Belascoarán, Private Detective” skilfully plays with the clichés of the genre but knows how to stand out in the right places. So our investigator sits chain-smoking in his shabby office, which he shares with the plumber Gómez, and he never actually gets paid – that’s how it goes.

But Héctor is not a hardened guy who lets a random beauty send him on the hunt for the Maltese Falcon. He maintains his belief in happy endings and stubbornly tries to change the world – or at least his city – for the better. To do this, he fearlessly puts himself in great danger and doesn’t let a beating from corrupt police officers deter him.

Murder hunt with a 70s feeling

Another highlight is the setting, which has a nostalgic 70s flair. Everything is full of tube televisions, bulky telephones and sideburns. Belascoarán also develops a preference for Keli Cola – the original with a glass bottle and paper straw.

Real historical events, such as the final of the 1970 World Cup, a visit by the Pope or the founding of trade unions, are incorporated into the cases. Some excerpts even appear to be original recordings.

“Belascoarán, Private Detective” has a dry sense of humor, but doesn’t skimp on action in the form of violence and wild chases. In this country, the series is released from age 16.

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In the age of streaming services and binge-watching, the series is comparatively short. But that can also be an advantage. Because you don’t always have the time or desire for a series marathon where you watch 8 seasons of 24 episodes each within a few days.

I can recommend “Belascoarán, Private Detective” to everyone who likes lovable investigators, a 70s feeling and Keli Cola. If you’d rather spend an entire weekend glued to the screen, the series tip from MeinMMO colleague Christos could be just right for you:

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