A TikTok Hashtag Gets Its Own App Feature

Tuesday TikToka hashtag focused on discussing books and TikTok launched a new feature dedicated to #BookTok, its community. new feature, TikTok It allows its users to add links to books in their videos.

According to TikTok’s announcement about the feature, when users select the links posted in the TikTok videos they watch, the links appear. “a special page with details about the book, including a short summary” will open. This feature also allows users to add book titles to their profiles. Save them to the Favorites tab allows.

New book link feature, publishing company Penguin Random House Developed as part of a partnership with only to books published by Penguin Random House can choose to connect. Penguin Random House’s TikTok account has also posted a TikTok video showing what the new feature looks like in the app:

The book link feature is currently available to TikTok users in the US and UK (We’ve confirmed that the feature is currently live in the app on an Android device.) But it looks like it will be available in our country soon.