A thousand extensions, we are moving towards a request for trust in the Chamber: the news

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(Finance) – Among the new features included in decree A thousand extensions there is also the raising to 72 years old of the age of leaving work of doctors hospitals: until the end of 2025, anyone who wants will be able to remain in service despite having exceeded retirement age. The provision also included the extension of the shield criminal for doctors for the whole of 2024. Criminal punishment is limited only to cases of gross negligence, as in the Covid era. Postpone them again fines for anti-vaxxersamnesties reopened folders tax collectors, the controversial tax shield for public administrators has been extended, “free” fixed-term contracts until 31 December. The text received the green light from the Constitutional Affairs and Budget commissions of the Chamber in the early afternoon of Wednesday.

Green light also given to the extension of the tax shield until 31 December, despite the opinion negative from the Court of Auditors and of theAssociation of Court Magistrates according to which it has “the effect of stabilizing the exclusion of the prosecution of seriously negligent commissions, exposing the country to the serious risk of waste of public money, opaque management of public contracts and the spread of malfeasance”.

An amendment by the League has postponed from 30 April to 31 December the date by which companies, as a result of the 2023 Labor decree, can extend a fixed-term contract beyond 12 months without the need for causal but simply by identifying “together” with the worker the technical, organizational or production needs which, according to the company, justify the precarious employment and the lack of stabilisation.

The concessions for the mortgages on the first house to under 36 with ISEE up to 40 thousand euros also apply in cases in which only the preliminary contract has been registered by 31 December 2023, provided that the deed is formalized by 31 December 2024. To buyers who have carried out the deed between 1 January of this year and the entry into force of the decree, a tax credit is attributed equal to the taxes paid in excess of the relief. They are allocated 9 million euros for 2024 and the same for 2025.

They were then readmitted to scrapping taxpayers forfeited for not having paid and the special repentance, to regularize the statements tax with greatly reduced sanctions, it is extended to the whole of 2022. Finally, the text also found space for the renewal of discounts onAgricultural income tax in an attempt to calm the protests of the tractors: two years of exemption for agricultural and domain incomes up to 10 thousand euros and a 50% reduction in the tax for those between 10 and 15 thousand euros. For farmers there is also an exemption, until 30 June, from theinsurance obligation for the tractors that do not travel on public roads.

Today the decree arrives in the Chamber where the government will most likely place it trust which should be voted on next week.