A supporter stood up dangerously and fell over the railing – the event organizer explains what really happened at the Olympic Stadium

A supporter stood up dangerously and fell over the railing

According to the event production manager of the Finnish Football Federation, the E-stand is a safe place for normal viewing, and it is not a structural problem.

Kuopio Palloseura’s victory celebrations in the Finnish Cup took a nasty turn over the weekend, when a person from the supporters’ stand of the Kuopio team fell dangerously onto the lower platform.

KuPS media manager Juuso Ikonen told later on Twitter (you will switch to another service), that the supporter survived the situation with a broken leg. Thus, he survived the seemingly frightening situation with a start.

Head of event production for the Finnish Football Association Kalle Marttinen according to the report, some of the employees saw the situation, but it was also watched afterwards on video. According to Marttinen, the supporter celebrated the victory, partially climbed onto the railing and then staggered down from the stands.

According to Marttinen, one leg of the supporter was on the railing and the other on the bench.

– It doesn’t look like anyone pushed him, but for some reason he has staggered over the railing. This is purely accidental swaying. Someone tried to catch him, but unfortunately didn’t get it, Marttinen tells Urheilu.

According to Marttinen, the emergency services were immediately called to the scene. The first aid unit and a doctor specializing in first aid were there.

– As a result, there was a good staff there. They took control of the situation.

The spectator fell into the lower part of the stand from the E stand, which has a different structure than, for example, the North Arch and the end stands.

– The railing complies with the regulations. Of course, it is not recommended to even get on it with one foot and stand with one foot on the bench and the other on the railing, says Marttinen.

– We have had a discussion about how this type of incident can be avoided in the future. It requires a little more analysis. Of course, it is case-specific and it depends on what type of spectators are sitting in that part of the stand. It’s a safe place for normal viewing. There is no structural problem with that.

However, according to Marttinen, the matter will be thoroughly reviewed in terms of whether it is necessary to change operating methods.

– For example, in Huuhkajie’s matches, the Fanikatsomo is in a different place than in the Finnish Cup. In the future, in these types of games, we have to look at how the placement of the fans is done, if we consider that there is a need. The work continues and we will see what can be done.

Marttinen considers the situation to be an unfortunate isolated accident. He cannot comment in more detail on the state of health of an individual person. However, according to him, it seems that, given the circumstances, the viewer survived with a scare.

– Here were the ingredients for much worse. Naturally, we will carefully review whether there is a need to change the operating methods in order to be able to avoid these types of things, if the means to do so exist.

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