A super bad season would have helped Krista Pärmäkoske in his decision – ordered his teammate in a tight fight for seconds | Sport

A super bad season would have helped Krista Parmakoske in

Krista Pärmäkoski has been thinking about the continuation of his long career, but after the 30 km traditional race of the Rovaniemi WC, he still had no answer.

– I will definitely decide later, although during the trip I wondered what the point of this was. Cross-country skiing would be more difficult if you went for a run, but I haven’t been doing that in the last few days, Pärmäkoski said with a laugh.

Pärmäkoski has had a lot of illnesses this season, and he has had to seek new motivation during the season. However, after a six-year break in Lahti’s Salpausselkä, he won the World Cup competition in the 20 km traditional race.

In the spring, the daily rhythm of Pärmäkoski has been messed up by a puppy Edwinon whose terms he went the rest of the season.

– If the season had gone super badly, the decision would have been easier to make. In a way, I know that there is potential, like a certain kind of spark, and I like competitive skiing, except if it’s in such bad shape, then it’s not nice, Pärmäkoski said.

– I like to practice. It’s not about that, but there are a lot of other things to think about. It is a whole, and everything has to be in balance for success to be possible.

Pärmäkoski was left without a medal in the day’s competition, but after securing fourth place for himself, he wanted to help his teammate Katariina Lonkaa. Lonka had a close second battle for eighth place Rebecca Immonen with and turned the struggle in his favor.

– Kata was suitable for it, so I thought let’s get a woman skiing. He shouted to just go, but I didn’t go, the number one skier of the Ikaalist Athletes laughed.

Sports expert Kalle Lassilan in my opinion, the encouragement of the number one skier of Ikaalisten Urheilide on the Ounasvaara track was so commanding that, based on that, Lonka at least could not give up.

Kerttu Niskanen is completely superior

The overwhelming winner of the women’s 30 km race was like last year Kerttu Niskanen. Vieremä’s Koito skier had a margin of victory of more than two minutes over Pöytä’s athletes Johanna to Matintalo.

– It wasn’t easy anymore. Äänekoski had a much rougher time. The main goal was that the victory would come today and I was able to take it very well, we are so satisfied, Niskanen stated.

Finland’s number one skier left a good taste of the season. He was able to take the prize place at the Tour de Ski and was also seven times with prizes in the World Cup.

– It was a tough fight in the overall and distance cup of the World Cup. Many girls bet on them and me too. I couldn’t get on the podium in them, but I’m not disappointed. All in all it was a good season.

Niskanen’s superiority was also shown by the fact that he caught Matintalo, who had left two minutes earlier. Matintalo was happy when Niskanen caught him in the last lap.

– I ended up with company, and I didn’t have to wrestle with my own thoughts alone, he laughed.

There is no information about the national team’s plans yet

Matintalo’s season has had both ups and downs. The beginning of the season was messed up by Corona and illness, the rest of the season he was in good shape.

Matintalo and his coach have been blessed with spring results and a successful team To Ville Nousiainen confidence that the right things have been done during the training season. Due to the problems, it took only a short time for Matintalo to be able to assess his condition.

No big results are made for the upcoming training season, but the training season is also greatly influenced by what happens in the national team. At the moment, everything is still open.

– It’s not so great here that we still know anything about the national team’s plans. We hope that as soon as possible. However, it has a big impact on your own training season planning. The sooner the better, but let’s go on vacation first!

Vantaa Ski Club, which won bronze in the competition Jasmi Joensuu also won the overall competition of the Finnish Cup. He was satisfied with his final season, which included, among other things, a final place in the Salpausselkä freestyle skiing sprint.

– Many races were caught up in the small, but overall the level improved significantly. In the Finnish Cup, I was at least third in almost every race, fourth in one. The level is good every time. Now let’s just transfer this victory to the World Cup! Joensuu said.

Women’s 30 km (p)

1. Kerttu Niskanen
2. Johanna Matintalo + 2.06,2
3. Jasmi Joensuu + 2.53.8
4. Krista Pärmäkoski + 5.12,1
5. Oona Kettunen + 6.56,9
6. Amanda Saari + 7.53,9
7. Vilma Ryytty + 9.12,8
8. Katariina Lonka + 9.43.7