A: Specially call committees and face emergency

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— Today (Tuesday) we have contacted the chairman of the finance committee and said that we expect a meeting where the issue can be tried and decided, says Mikael Damberg (S), vice chairman of the committee.

Many households have to wait until the end of February for electricity price support, he emphasizes, and those in northern Sweden will not receive money until sometime this spring.

In the meantime, S wants people to be able to postpone or partially pay their electricity bills by the state issuing credit guarantees for the electricity companies.

— Many companies and households have to pay electricity bills now and in the coming months. It is now that you need support and help from the state, says Damberg.

The government has not dismissed an “electricity emergency” but highlighted that there are administrative uncertainties and problems with how to design the fees for government credit guarantees.

The chairman of the finance committee, Edward Riedl (M), said last week that it is much more difficult than you might think.

— From our side, we do not intend to create expectations and hopes that then cannot be fulfilled.

According to the schedule, the finance committee meets on Tuesday next week.