A special page has been opened abroad for Samsung Virtual Influencer (SAM)

A special page has been opened abroad for Samsung Virtual

South Korean tech giant SamsungThese days, it is on the agenda once again with Samsung Virtual Influencer (SAM).

“SAM” introduced a long time ago and directly Samsung for Lightfarm Studios A three-dimensional character crafted by The character, who strangely attracted a lot of attention in the internet world when he first made his debut, “very good” was found and demanded to come to the phones in an active way. This demand did not come true, Samsung used SAM mostly in advertising videos to impress the new generation of young people. Taking one more step after these advertisements, some examples of which you can see below, Samsung has launched the Samsung Virtual Influencer (SAM), which has not been featured much for a long time. Opened a special page based in Brazil. SAM on this page, which is not yet clear whether it will be activated for other countries, being touted as a gamer, an environmentalist, and a Metaverse enthusiast and his favorite game Fortnite is described as. Young people can get technical tips, watch videos for Samsung products and find answers to frequently asked questions from the page that opens. This of the page It is expected to be constantly updated with new products and information.


Samsungis not a foreign name to the artificial intelligence side. Even the firmBixbyA digital assistant named ” has been in our lives for a long time. However, Bixby lags far behind ChatGPT, and Samsung is well aware of this. That’s why the company, as it turned out last week, It plans to partner with global technology companies to develop new technologies based on artificial intelligence. This issue, which emerged as part of a statement made by the company’s mobile chief TM Roh, is not yet 100 percent certain at the moment. However, the company will use ChatGPT or a similar artificial intelligence system in the coming period. can directly integrate into the Galaxy ecosystemIn this way, it can make its products much more capable. Samsung, which has been very good with Google in recent years, has similarly offered ChatGPT to its own products.bardalso with can bring.