A special drone that can be charged from power lines has been developed

Nowadays, many drone models do not have extremely high lifespans. So it’s an interesting system developed.

The drone you see in the video at the top of the page, It can store energy by connecting directly to power lines with its special infrastructure.. This special model, prepared by researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, is particularly useful in places far from the city and at very high altitudes. drones used in the inspection process of large power lines It is prepared with the focus of not having any energy problems (Drones have been receiving help in this regard for a long time.). The drone, which approaches power lines from below rather than from above and is equipped with very sensitive systems for this, can automatically separate after the charging process is completed. Although generally nice, this system has a risk of damaging the entire line, so researchers have been working on the system for a long time to make it safe.

These days, when it comes to drones, it will be introduced soon. DJI Avata 2 comes to the fore. It will be officially introduced on April 11 Glasses model named DJI Avata 2 and Googles 3, Roland Quandt It appeared completely in terms of design with the post at the bottom of the page made by. The new FPV model, which is slightly smaller than the model it will replace and whose design has been improved, is said to be capable of shooting 4K video and 48 megapixel photos. It is built on a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensorit can provide high-level image stabilization and operates a little quieter.


The drone, whose weight is said to be 48 grams higher than the first model, now carries sensors both in front and behind against accidents. The current model DJI Avata is an assertive option in the FPV class to go over again.. FPV drone models, unlike normal drones, are developed specifically for a much higher movement / flight ability. These drones, which can roll over, accelerate to high speeds and are generally used with VR headsets with a first-degree view, are also at the center of racing events.

Notable in this context AvataIt is built on a body that is resistant to harsh conditions and impacts. Especially the drone protects its propellers well. It weighs 410 grams. at maximum 97km/h The drone, which can reach a more than sufficient speed such as 5 thousand meters It can reach high altitudes and has a replaceable battery of 2,420 mAh. It can stay in the air for 18 minutes.

The model can also be controlled with hand movements using the small joystick called DJI Motion Controller. 48 megapixel camera with image stabilization (1/1.7 inch CMOS – F2.8 aperture) capable of shooting 4K 60 fps video with its hardware DJI Avata, Like DJI’s other models, it also includes special sensor systems that prevent collisions.

The product, which has 20 GB internal storage and offers 256 GB storage support via microSD, is available abroad. It has a price of $629 and two different “combo” It was also introduced to the market with its package. This 1,168 And $1,388 Packages include FPV glasses and more.