A small but nice design change is on the table for Gmail

A small but nice design change is on the table

internet giant Google, He also continues to work on Gmail. An update for the popular email app is coming.

Gmail first on Android an update will be made And with this update, the infrastructure for responding to incoming e-mails will become a chat application. Google will include three different buttons under e-mail in the new design that will be available to everyone soon. (Reply, reply all and forward) put it together as above, so that A modern user experience will be offered, similar to instant messaging services. Before this, a step was taken for the web version. With the update made to the web version of Gmail, users can now The skin tone or gender preference of emojis containing hand gestures or people can be adjusted directly at the selection stage. The company, which did not allow this before, is making the process correct as it should be with the update, and the infrastructure is expected to be opened to everyone soon. Before this Google for Gmailemoji response system” had begun to be put into use. Emoji response system for Gmail been active for a while iOS And Android It was under development on the side.


Last month, the system was first made available to everyone on Android. This feature will be liked by some people and will soon come to iOS. Instead of replying to e-mails, Allows reactions with emoji.

First stage 20 different emoji reactions are offered and some emoji reactions cannot be used in encrypted messages or large groups. Google turned off the emoji response system in emails containing more than 20 people. puts emoji reactions at the bottom of emailsthe selected emoji reaction can be removed within 30 seconds.