A sci-fi adventure, tough action from Germany & more

A sci fi adventure tough action from Germany more

After three months, we’re taking our first look back at the streaming year 2024 and asking you the best films which have so far appeared on Netflix, Amazon and Co. There have already been some big blockbusters, such as the fantasy hit Damsel with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown in the lead role.

We have a colorful selection for our top 5 of the best streaming films in 2024 so far well-known and unknown titles compiled. The podcast tells you why they are so good and where you can stream them. From a touching sci-fi adventure to the roaring return of an action god, it’s all there.

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Our podcast begins with a German article that appeared on Netflix at the beginning of the year: In 60 minutes, Emilio Sakraya has to be an MMA fighter Run across Berlinto get to his daughter’s birthday in time. Otherwise he will lose custody. But lots of gangsters are on his heels.

We’re also talking about a gripping veteran courtroom drama hiding at Paramount+ and Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix project, one of his comedies couldn’t be further away. Also included: Sofia Coppola’s new film and Michael Mann’s first directorial effort in nine years.

All the films we talk about on the podcast:

The next streaming film highlights are already in the starting blocks. Zack Snyder will continue his Rebel Moon epic on Netflix in April before Eddie Murphy once again ensures law and order as Beverly Hills Cop.

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Series highlight on MagentaTV in April: Time, season 2

Time – S02 Trailer (English) HD

Included: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, RTL+, DAZN, media libraries and MagentaTV+ with a unique selection of originals and exclusives and many top international series and films. The exclusive German premieres include, for example, the three new spin-offs from The Walking Dead universe – Dead City, Daryl Dixon and The Ones Who Live – as well as the 5th season of the successful series Fargo and the film for the popular comedy crime series Monk: Mr. Monk’s Last Case.

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