A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could be introduced this year

New information for the lower end Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and

The model that has been on the agenda for a long time may have become clear today. Accordingly, this year Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra can be introduced.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, As far as is known today SM-F958 It is being developed under the code name and is actively on the road. Just interestingly South Korea will be offered in the market This transferred phone can make a serious impact with its high-end technical features, but in this context it can be really, really expensive. Many technical details have been leaked before Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and “normal” or “standard” Galaxy Z Fold 6According to official records, only 25W with the support is coming. So how is the situation in competition? For example, in Vivo X Fold 3 Pro, which was introduced yesterday full 100W wired, 50W Wireless charging is also offered. Normal X Fold is 3 80W It comes with wired charging support. So what else do we know about the new Galaxys? with vertical form Z Flip 6 According to a previous leak, it will carry either a Snapdragon or an Exynos processor, depending on the market it is sold in, and can be purchased with 12 GB RAM + 512 GB storage at the top. The foldable phone, which is also claimed to have a 120 Hz external screen, As far as it is reported, it will offer slightly longer battery life than the phone it replaces. Galaxy Z Fold 6 with horizontal form According to allegations, it will be sold in all markets with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy processor and 16 GB RAM at the top, 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB storage will be offered and The home screen will have an anti-glare layer. The phone, which is claimed to have a Titanium frame like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, will be equipped with a better cooling system and will also bring UWB support.