A popular feature for the winter festival is probably missing – are there still gifts?

There’s a lot going on in Fortnite right now, and fans are also eagerly awaiting the “winter” update. But they will apparently have to do without the popular “Winterfest Lodge”.

What is the “Winterfest Lodge”? It is a comfortably warm wooden hut with a fireplace, nice Christmas music and, above all, lots of packages. Players have been able to visit them in the past for the “Winterfest” updates in Fortnite.

You came in via the main menu and could then pick up up to 14 free gifts over several days, which included things like skins or other cosmetics.

This lodge has always been a very popular feature among many players. But at the moment it looks as if she won’t be returning this year – but leaks at least say that you will still get gifts.

What do the leaks say about Fortnite Winterfest 2023?

As early as the end of November, leaks said that the Winter Festival could return this year. If you look at Fortnite right now, you can see a small snowflake symbol under the “orders”, but there are no winter orders available yet.

Now new leaks are building on this, but well-known leakers such as Hypex or Shiina (via X.com) point out that the lodge itself will probably not be on board.

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That is the good news: Even without the lodge, there should be gifts again in Fortnite. Hypex reports that you have to complete “Daily Gift Quests” to get gifts, and Shiina also emphasizes that there will still be daily rewards, but you have to complete a match to get them.

Players will probably have to forego the festive lodge, but at least not the gifts.

To what extent the leaks are ultimately accurate or whether anything will change remains to be seen. This is currently unconfirmed information and not official information from Epic.

Otherwise, LEGO mode is the biggest topic in Fortnite:

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What else is going on with Fortnite? Actually a lot, because not only did the new season start in Fortnite, the LEGO mode introduced on October 7th is also currently attracting numerous players.

In the coming days, Fortnite will also introduce a mode called “Rocket Racing” in which you can race, and launch a “Festival” mode in which, for example, concerts take place. Whether and when the “Winterfest” update will follow is currently unknown.

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