a policeman killed and two armored vehicles burned in Haiti

a policeman killed and two armored vehicles burned in Haiti

Police have once again been targeted in Haiti. On the night of Wednesday May 17 to Thursday May 18, 2023, a police officer was killed in an ambush at Source Matelas, about thirty kilometers north of Port-au-Prince, the capital. Another officer was shot and two armored police vehicles were set on fire by bandits armed with Molotov cocktails.

This criminal and reprehensible act will not go unpunished. “, was indignant the Haitian National Police (PNH), quoted by AlterPresse. The police also announced actions “ to hunt down and apprehend the thugs “before calling his agents” to close ranks in the fight against armed gangs and not to be intimidated “. According AlterPressethe PNH also continues to “ seek the open cooperation of the population » to support him in the « dismantling gangs “.

Chile: a ministerial employee accused of abortion by her companion

In Chile, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality defended a ministry employee, accused by her companion of illegal abortion. “ Following the report, officers attended the home, where the woman was bleeding “, recount The Tercera.His vital prognosis is not engaged “, reassures the daily. But an investigation was still opened by the regional prosecutor’s office. The Tercera reports that for her part, the ministerial delegate concerned, Cristina Martín ” filed a complaint against her partner for domestic violence “.

Colombia: confusion around the fate of the four children who disappeared in the jungle

The entire Colombian press was carried away by what looked like a ” beautiful story “. The Colombian president announced on Wednesday May 17, 2023 on his Twitter account the rescue of four children, including a baby, lost in the Amazon jungle. They had been missing for ten days after the crash of the small plane on which they were traveling. But Gustavo Petro finally backtracked by deleting his tweet the next day. The emergency services on site have in fact still no news of the missing minors.

According to an editorial byThe Spectatorthis story ” that is turning the country upside down is indicative of an abandonment of the state. ” The small plane in which they crashed on the 1st mai was going through a jungle area [dans le sud du pays] where the government is not present “, criticizes the Colombian newspaper. For him, this accident, the causes of which remain unknown, ” shows the face of another Colombia, one where there are no airports, only airstrips. That of a country without law where a light plane can take off in overload then crash. “What to confirm, “ one more time “, underlines the daily, that” Colombia has abandoned the Amazon “.

Discovery of fresh footprints

Meanwhile, the search continues. Three dead bodies, all adults, have already been found. But the children are still missing. ” Authorities hope they survived the crash and are wandering the jungle until they come across civilization or are found “, writing El País on its site devoted to Latin America. The military, specifies the daily, “ discovered the baby’s bottle and fresh footprints of the children near a stream “. So many discoveries that revive the hope of finding them alive in a dense and hostile environment.

El País adds that the four children are from an indigenous community and that they ” know the jungle well “.

United States: the Andy Warhol Foundation before the Supreme Court

This is a major conflict for the art world: is artistic borrowing theft? The Supreme Court of the United States ruled against the Andy Warhol Foundation on this question on Thursday, May 18, 2023. The highest court ruled that famed photographer Lynn Goldsmith should have collected royalties from the foundation. It was she who took a photo of the singer Prince, which inspired Andy Warhol, the master of pop art. These copyrights relate to a reproduction of the serigraph by a magazine. ” This decision could have considerable repercussions on artistic creation », insists USA Today. The case, explains his side The New Republicwill make it easier to take legal action for infringement “. It concerns the ” artists whose works are used or borrowed by others without permission“says the magazine.

But some see it as a form of artistic restriction, like Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, quoted in The New Republic . For her, this decisionwill stifle creativity in all its forms and hinder new arts, music and literature “. And to conclude thatour world will be impoverished“.