a one-size-fits-all update

a one size fits all update

Microsoft is starting to deploy a new “big” update for Windows 11. A catch-all version, where the useful meets the futile, with some welcome fixes. We will have to wait for major innovations.

For several years, Google has been carrying out feature drops on its Pixel smartphones. It is a question of delivering some new functions to the version of Android which runs on its devices and which we sometimes find later in the Android versions of other manufacturers. A concept that has obviously appealed to Microsoft, which is trying to apply it to Windows 11 22H2 (read our article to update to the latest version of Windows 11). Evidenced by the update called Moment 2 – do not search, you will not find this name anywhere in the system since it is simply the update KB5022913 – whose deployment began on February 28 through Windows Update.

On the program, numerous bug fixes, a few new features and the – sometimes flawed – integration of functions whose usefulness has yet to be determined. In short, Microsoft seems to continue to conduct large-scale experiments with its Windows updates as we deplore in our article to the detriment of real technical and practical advances. In shambles, there is thus the integration of Bing’s AI chat bot – the Microsoft-style ChatGPT which was launched a few days ago, see our article – in the search box of the taskbar – but not for everyone ! –, the ability to record a video of the screen with the Screen Capture tool, the integration of tabs in the notepad – essential! –, the management of simplified audio and video effects for videoconferencing, an optimization of the display of the taskbar for PCs equipped with a touch screen or even an improvement of the quick assistance tool to troubleshoot or have your PC repaired remotely by a trusted friend.

As for the announced compatibility of the Connected Mobile application – formerly called Your phone – of Windows 11 with the iPhone, it is still incomplete and reserved for members of the Windows Insider program… The same goes for certain functions mentioned here and there … but available later, without further details! In short, a large tote, with nothing revolutionary to put in your mouth, therefore. However, we will have to be satisfied with it while waiting for Microsoft to really get to work and for Windows to come out of this experimental phase that we have been undergoing since the arrival of Windows 11.

What’s new in Windows 11 Moment 2 Update?

As we said, Microsoft has combined everything and anything in its Moment 2 update for Windows 11. The publisher details the list of new features, improvements and fixes included in this new version on a special pagein notes dated February 28, 2023 – and which curiously still mentions a pre-release, a sign that the publisher is scattering without finalizing anything… Here is what to remember.

Bing’s chatbot in the search module

It is the darling of this beginning of the year 2023. After having integrated a variant of the ChatGPT conversational robot in Bing, Microsoft is moving up a gear to embed its artificial intelligence directly in Windows. And what other dream location than the taskbar and its search module to solicit attention? With this update, the button leading to the AI ​​becomes immediately accessible. A click on it opens the search menu and a second click launches Edge and accesses the interface of the conversational robot… provided, however, that you have previously registered on waiting list and that your access is effective.


Screenshot as standard

Previously, it was necessary to make devious use of the Windows Xbox Bar to record video manipulations performed on the PC screen (as we explain in our article). Now, this function is integrated into the Screen Capture tool. Just click on the icon in the form of a camera then on the New button (as for a screenshot) and finally define on the screen the area which will be “filmed”. All that remains is to start recording. Simple, practical.


More responsible energy management

The Windows 11 settings panel welcomes a new option: Energy recommendations. This is to better control power modes by adjusting the screen or PC standby settings, battery use, screen brightness, etc. The system thus provides recommendations for better energy optimization. Settings to find from Settings > System> Battery and Power > Energy Recommendations.


A search engine in Task Manager

Function well seen for those who relentlessly track applications that consume their PC’s resources, the task manager now has a search engine that makes it easier to read the dashboard. You can quickly find out what a particular application or process consumes by simply typing its name or that of its publisher. A little more appreciable but which will not be useful to everyone.


Improved widgets

A click on the Weather button placed at the far left of the taskbar triggers the display of widgets. Microsoft has decided to add new ones to manage access to Spotify, Xbox Game Pass but, soon, Meta widgets should also be available. In the same way, the panel grouping the widgets benefits from an enlarged view. Nice, but, once again, not revolutionary…


As usual, Microsoft is deploying its update through Windows Update, the tool built into its system as standard. Note that the Moment 2 update only affects PCs already running Windows 11 22H2.

► To check if you are eligible for the Moment 2 update – some will have to wait a few days… – open Windows Settings with the keyboard shortcut Windows + Ithen click Windows Update in the menu on the left of the window. In principle, Windows Udapte then automatically checks for the availability of updates by signaling the arrival of new ones. If not, just click the button Check for updates and wait – depending on the speed of your internet connection.

►If the message Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 22H2 for x64-based systems appears, your PC is ready to receive the new version. Then click on the link Download and install.

► Wait for the download, the duration of which depends on the speed of your Internet connection. When the operation is finished, click on the button To restart which appeared at the top of the window. Wait again while the PC restarts and the update installs. Installation takes less than five minutes on a PC with an SSD. You can then use your computer normally, and discover the few new features of this amazing update.