A new tool to better understand and manage the dangers of the Internet

A new tool to better understand and manage the dangers

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    The government portal dedicated to preventing dangers that may be encountered on the Internet offers an online learning tool for the general public. At the end of this exercise, Internet users will be better aware of the good practices to adopt to avoid being scammed.

    Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr extends its system SensCyber to the general public in order to raise awareness among the entire population of the risks relating to digital technology. The only requirement: have (or create) an account on the platform. Launched in 2023, this tool was until now only accessible to public sector agents.

    This program aims to raise awareness of all the dangers linked to the Internet. According to a 2023 OpinionWay study, nine out of ten French people have already been victims of an online threat. It is therefore essential that everyone can adopt the right reflexes when faced with attacks.

    This is precisely the objective of SensCyber, through several learning modules alerting you to online scams, the phishingTHE ransomware, etc. The idea is to understand the general principles of the most common cyberattacks, the risks they pose for the individual and how to protect against them. At the end of the course, composed of short educational videos and quizzes divided into three modules of 30 to 40 minutes, Internet users learn the best practices to adopt in their daily use of their smartphone, their mailbox or social networks .

    Launched in 2017, Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr is a national system for assisting victims of online malicious acts, observing the threat and preventing and raising awareness among the general public. The SensCyber ​​initiative was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service, the General Directorate of Administration and Civil Service (DGAFP), the National Center for Territorial Civil Service (CNFPT ) and the National Association for the Continuing Training of Hospital Personnel (ANFH).

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