A new scam is spreading on Facebook, here’s how to protect yourself

A new scam is spreading on Facebook heres how to

A curious scam has been spreading for a few weeks on Facebook. Be careful if you are offered a big brand lot via a draw. It could hide an attempt to extort your bank details.

This is the new scam flourishing on Facebook, that of the product being offered for free due to “minor scratches”. According BFM-TV, many types of products are concerned, from chairs from a famous Swedish furniture brand to premium SUVs, including bicycles and products from major supermarket chains. The method ? Make you believe that defective lots are offered by brands on their Facebook page via sweepstakes. The products are presented as in perfect working order but cannot be sold due to “grooves minor” or “minor damage”.

Extorted bank details?

BFM TV thus publishes screenshots of fake Facebook pages containing the names and logos of major brands such as Ikea, Land Rover or Decathlon. The principle is simple: offer you to participate in a draw by leaving personal data or by registering on Facebook pages. By inflating the number of subscribers, the suspects can then attempt to offer you another scam over the next few days, weeks, or months.

Worse, some pages offer to register via a link to participate in the draw and then try to obtain your bank details under the guise of offering you the prize. Of course, no brand sells these allegedly defective lots on its social networks, Decathlon having confirmed the existence of a fraudulent Facebook page. Clearly, no draw of this type has been organized. Remember that you should never indicate your bank details on any registration form. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your bank.