A New Poster Has Been Released for Coraline, Which Will Be Released in August 2024

A New Poster Has Been Released for Coraline Which Will

One of the events that left its mark on social media last night was the release of a new poster from the movie Coraline. The poster, which received millions of views in a short time, also received comments from tens of thousands of people and became a trending topic on social media. remastered Let’s take a look with Mobile readers at the new poster and other details for Coraline, which will return to cinemas in August…

New Poster and Echoes for Remastered Coraline

It was translated into Turkish as “Coralline and the Secret World” and was released in our country in May 2009. Coraline’s Its effects were felt in the art community for a long time. viewers The production, which was highly appreciated by many, is on the agenda again after 15 years. Remastered Caroline is set to be released in remastered 3D in August. Here is the first poster of the Coraline remake movie:

After the poster was published, the remake of the film quickly became a trending topic and many viewers commented on the film. While there are positive comments in these comments, the remake To the movie Coraline There were also those who argued that it was not necessary. Considering that there is no need to remaster all productions, these viewers think that Coraline is still highly watchable.

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Comments from Viewers and Fans

Thousands of comments were made about the poster after it was published. Coraline new movie Some of the first feedback from the audience about it is as follows:

“I’m sure almost everyone who watched the first movie will want to watch this movie too. August 2024 Considering that it will be released as of today, there are 6 months left. Personally, it will definitely take its place among the films I will watch this year.”

“Absolutely unnecessary. The technology and visuality of the period in which the films were released are part of their aesthetics. animated movies Likewise for . The original of the film is already watchable quite well. Please do not start the trend of remastering and re-releasing every movie.”

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“I think it is uncertain whether it will be released in Türkiye or not. There is no information about this in your news, and I could not find in foreign sources in which countries it will be released. Even if it is to be released in Turkey, I think it may be by the end of 2024. Released simultaneously with the USA “I think it won’t come in.”

“If I’m not mistaken Coraline, a movie adapted from the novel. I couldn’t quite figure out what kind of innovation or difference would come in the remake. Of course, there will be millions of people who will go to movie theaters just because of the first movie, that’s different.”

“Instead of Remastered sequel Frankly, I would have preferred it to be withdrawn. I think many people think and want this way. I think they will target the coming years for an independent sequel and prequel.”