A new parkour video has been released for ANYmal, one of the interesting robots.

A new parkour video has been released for ANYmal one

ETH Zurich It is one of the most interesting robots in the industry, developed by ANYmalas shown once again with the new video, knows no obstacles.

ETH Zurich signed ANYmal, At first, its appearance brought to mind Boston Dynamics’ Spot. The four-legged option then began to travel on wheels. The latest version of the robot, called 3 in 1, was unveiled. Specifically, the company spun out of ETH Zurich Swiss-Mile prepared by robotit doesn’t just move on wheels, you can use these wheels if desired. Can also be used as legs and arms. The model has very good balance systems, thus It can stand up on two wheels and it can move. The robot, which leaves many similar models in this regard, has many sensors, LiDAR and GPS units. What brought ANYmal robot to the agenda now was the new video below. The robot, whose legged version is presented in this video, can pass over obstacles much more easily than many of its counterparts, as you can see when you watch the video. The robot, which can learn from its mistakes and thus constantly improves, becomes faster with each new video with engine improvements, and in the final stage, it looks especially great for search and rescue missions.

ANYmal had previously attracted attention with its “learning infrastructure”. The robot has been working on the basic information given for a while now. “experiment be wrong” to handle certain tasks He can learn on his own. For example, in the video shared below, it is stated that the robot has learned on its own to place the box marked with QR codes in a designated place, where the robot is like many people. choosing to throw the box instead of calmly leaving it It both surprises and makes you laugh. The robot, which can easily learn to open and hold doors with its wheeled arms, is “curiosity-driven learning” With the new infrastructure called, it provides a great time saving for the future.