A new MMORPG to play alone sounds like a “fantastic idea”

The game Erenshor is scheduled to appear on Steam at the end of 2024 or 2025: It will be a simulated MMORPG that you can play alone. Every time the developer presents his idea, he hears what a great idea it is.

What kind of game is this?

  • Erenshor is a single player game that simulates an MMORPG as it once was. The developer wants to bring back the fascination of MMORPGs around 2000 – that’s probably code for “A game like Everquest”.
  • The player experiences adventures in a fantasy world, completes quests and collects items, and also plays together with others. But everyone else in their MMORPG is controlled by the AI.
  • The idea is: experience an MMORPG, but without the annoying social obligations that a real MMORPG brings with it.
  • It’s supposed to be an MMORPG that you can’t play for three weeks without fear of losing touch with your friends – because they’re waiting for you anyway.

    Erenshor – “At your own pace.”

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    Erenshor wants 100 hours of gameplay and offers 4 classes

    This is noticeable: The developer behind Erenshor regularly promotes his game through postings on reddit and every time the feedback is fantastic. The game also sounds better every time.

    Last Sunday he presented his project again in the Reddit games forum as part of Indie Sunday:

    Erenshor will offer over 100 hours of gameplay upon release, it said. Players could quest, explore, level, craft and fish.

    It will offer 4 classes:

  • An Arcanist who delivers a lot of DPS and also offers crowd control
  • The Duelist – a melee DPS player
  • The Paladin – a type of tank that uses a two-handed sword or sword and shield, as well as debuffing and healing
  • The Druid – who relies on damage over time spells, summoning a pet, and has some crowd control abilities
  • This time too, the developer received confirmation from the otherwise critical users on reddit that he was on the trail of something very hot:

  • “Exciting concept”
  • “Oh, I didn’t know I wanted it until I read it”
  • “Played the demo for a few hours and had fun. Even found a golden ticket that apparently no longer has any use. I don’t have anything bad to say.”
  • “I really hope the game goes well. This is a fantastic idea.”
  • When is this supposed to come out? The plan is to release Erenshor on Steam in early access in late 2024 or early 2025.

    Three quarters of the world is already playable.

    People love one half of MMORPGs but find the other half difficult

    This is what lies behind it: The “Erenshor” project shows that there are two currents that contradict each other:

    On the one hand, many core gamers, the classic target group for MMORPGs, are now, as then, really into looting and leveling up, into the “classic MMORPG gameplay”: They like the idea of ​​achieving something in a game, of building something up, more and more – loot games are still extremely popular today.

    At the same time, players are much less willing to make commitments and commit to each other, as is necessary in MMORPGs: you no longer want to arrange “fixed dates” or be in a group until the dungeon is over, even if you after 20 minutes you no longer feel like it.

    This may be because today’s society is much more individualistic than it used to be – clubs also complain about a loss of members. Or the fact that many former MMORPG players are 20 years older and have so many real social obligations with jobs and families that they don’t need any in their free time.

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    Many MMORPG developers have long recognized this tendency and are trying to shorten their MMORPGs from rounds of games lasting several hours to content that is easier to snack on. Games like Fortnite or LoL have shown that for many people it is okay to commit to a round, say 20 to 30 minutes.

    Erenshor’s idea of ​​developing an MMORPG that offers the advantages of the genre but foregoes social obligations inspires many players with every round of introductions.

    We experience this again and again when we present the game on MeinMMO:

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