A new MMO takes you to the Wild West and will be released on Steam in June

A new MMO on Steam tries to integrate the Wild West into the genre. Now a new trailer shows what players can look forward to.

What game is this about? A Twisted Path To Renown is an MMORPG from the Game-Labs development studio and aims to take on the Wild West as a setting. The release on Steam is currently planned for June 2024. However, there is no exact date yet.

Now players can get a few impressions of the game in a new trailer:

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What awaits you? The latest trailer tries to show off some of the gameplay and setting quite quickly. You can see a few scenes from the first person perspective, the menus and character development.

In A Twisted Path To Renown, your journey begins in America in 1899. The aim is to experience life as it was back then. You should create your very own story. In addition to NPCs, you can also expect wild animals and other players who can become a great challenge.

The developers themselves describe their game as a PvEvP extraction shooter. You can expect an economy that is shaped by the players themselves and a detailed crafting system. Exploration should also play a big role in this MMORPG.

Players should have plenty of weapons at their disposal

You should have many different weapons available to you in the game. The trailer gives you a little foretaste of this by presenting some firearms, but also bows and arrows.

Due to the tension between the military, the Native Americans, the farmers and bandits, you as a player always have to think carefully about when you approach their territories.

However, A Twisted Path To Renown isn’t just about surviving in combat. As a player you try to build a certain reputation. To do this, you should negotiate well with different traders, build relationships and acquire wealth.

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