A new gaming-specific wireless headset by Logitech has leaked

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Shortly before Logitech G FITS A wireless headphone model with the name has been leaked. A remarkable product is on the way.

Logitech’s product line is getting bigger and bigger. The giant hardware manufacturer, which constantly prepares solutions for the different needs of the players, and does not forget the professional users and the normal consumer, will meet us soon. Logitech G FITS It will come out with a wireless headset model. The product, which you can see in the gallery above, prepared in the form of in-ear, creates an interesting image with the LED light on the silicone tips.

91Mobiles for gamers leaked in black and white only by G FITS The wireless headphone model comes with a rounded charging chamber. The product, whose technical details are not yet known, will be suitable for smartphone use as well as PC and will most likely only bring passive insulation. However, this is not certain. A powerful ANC system can also be included in the product.


In the meantime, another hardware product is coming from the company for the game and the players. This product “Logitech G Gaming Handheld” is a portable game console that focuses directly on cloud gaming. For now, the device, which appears only in white, can power up according to the leak. Snapdragon 720 from the processor and only 4GB of RAM‘to owner.

These hardware are of course low, but due to the cloud-based nature of the model Steam Deck It does not need such high performance. Logitech and Tencent Games Images and other details for the product developed by from here is located.

In addition to all of them, it is claimed that it will be launched in October on the company’s official site today. new iPad Pro data pointing to the models were found. The firm seems to be working on accessories for the new tablets.