a national tribute soon to be paid and a collection of condolences opened in Paris

a national tribute soon to be paid and a collection

10:44 – “He was a man of anger,” according to lawyer Richard Malka

“He was a man of anger, he was not a man of consensus, he did not go with the direction of the wind, in the direction of the times,” said Richard Malka, lawyer for Charlie Hebdo, on France Inter.

09:56 – Christiane Taubira salutes “the immense inaccessible statue”

Former Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira hailed “the immense, inaccessible statue” that Robert Badinter was for her. On France Info, she recounts the day she became Minister of Justice. “He was the first person I called. To greet him on the one hand, to tell him that I obviously placed myself in all humility, under the shadow of his work,” she remembers.

02/09/24 – 11:34 p.m. – “A national tribute will be paid to him”, promises Emmanuel Macron

END OF LIVE – “The Nation has certainly lost a great man, a great lawyer, a great Keeper of the Seals, a great President of the Constitutional Council. He was also, for me, a Wise Man beyond his duties who has always shed light on the most delicate situations,” declared Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of a trip to Bordeaux on Friday afternoon. He assured that “a national tribute will be paid” to Robert Badinter.