A mysterious European step is being taken for Tesla Cybertruck

First deliveries for Tesla Cybertruck have finally been made

Electric pickup model whose design is still controversial Tesla Cybertruck As far as we learned from the post for, a European step is being taken.

This issue came to the fore with the following video shared by Tesla today. camethis video was interpreted differently by different sources. Some A physical exhibition will be held with Tesla Cybertruck in major cities in Europe on April 30.some say that the company will make some European-based announcements on April 30. thinks. Adding Istanbul to the list at the end of the video However, the company, which will definitely not offer Cybertruck for sale in Turkey, had previously come to the fore with bad news about its model. For those who missed it, Tesla stopped all Cybertruck deliveries for a week last week because There was a mechanical problem with the vehicle’s accelerator pedal. Due to this problem, approximately 3,878 Cybertrucks were recalled recently (All vehicles sold in the USA). National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Within the scope of the recall made by Cybertruck owners, they must go to Tesla services and have the pedal replaced. The problem occurred recently directly Here It was also revealed in a TikTok video that you can watch. As far as reported, the part above the gas pedal of the vehicle It can detach while driving and leave the gas pressed at 100 percent.. This is caused by the design choice in front of the accelerator pedal, the pedal moving forward remains stuck where it is.