A movable “saddle” consisting of two parts was prepared for bicycles

A movable saddle consisting of two parts was prepared for

A movable “saddle” consisting of two parts was prepared for bicycles. Manufacturers continue to work to increase the comfort of drivers does.

Products suitable for the anatomical structure of the human body can significantly improve the quality of life. Australian engineer focusing on the cycling side of this issue Robin Macan, in front of us vabsRider came out with. vabsRider, which was commercialized with the support of industrial designer Philippe Guichard and Whistle Design Group. An interesting bicycle seat designed to move with the human hip. The seat, which moves up and down independently with the legs, relieves the pressure generated while sitting. distributes it evenly from the sitting bones to the thigh bones. In this way, vabsRider, which promises a more painless and comfortable journey, can be customized at two different connection points. The product, which is not yet known for how much or when it will be sold, could make the lives of many cyclists much better. You can watch the promotional video of the model right below:


Last week, a new product was prepared for bicycles. saddle suspension system It made a noise. Air Seat, designed in Taiwan for cyclists to travel more comfortably, does not require a special saddle / seat. In other words, Air Seat, which riders can use on the bicycle saddles they already own, Unlike many similar models, it provides 360-degree damping.. On this basis, the product does not only work vertically, thus it claims to offer high comfort.

The saddle suspension system, which is stated to be able to be installed in a very short time, It is equipped with stainless steel springs and, according to the company, it can offer a long service life. Made in black and silver colors Air Seat, It has special versions for drivers weighing 80, 100, 120 and 130 kg. The product adds 250 to 350 grams of extra weight to the bikes, depending on the version chosen. The product, whose starting price is announced as 43 dollars, It has managed to attract the attention of many drivers.