A mockery of Tony Rickardsson in Mästarnas mäster – so unworthy of one of our greatest athletes ever

He is one of our greatest athletes of all time.
But in the Masters of Masters, Tony Rickardsson has no chance.
It is a direct mockery of the beloved speedway icon.

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This year’s edition of the SVT long-distance runner “Master of Masters” has been described as the toughest ever and after two episodes, I have to agree. What incredible athletes you have managed to persuade to compete and it is a rock-hard competition that you have never seen before – and so we have Tony Rickardsson.

Tony outclassed

One of our most successful and popular athletes of all time and with an incomparable sports career behind him. Rickardsson dominated an entire sport and goes down in history as one of the top speedway drivers in history.

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Master of masters Caption: Tony Rickardsson Photo: Janne Danielsson/SVT

He won individual WC gold in 1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2005, but in this year’s Champion of Champions, he has no chance. Tony mostly gets to act funny uncle and offer memorable anecdotes at dinners during this year’s season, because when it comes to the competitions, the 53-year-old has been outclassed by the younger talents.

Rickardsson last

The veteran came last in the first orienteering competition, managed “only” five minutes in the hunter rest and came third last, lost in the numbers competition and came last and second last in “Sisyphus” with only one floorball player behind him. But it becomes quite obvious when you look at the competition that Tony Rickardsson is up against this year.

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Tony Rickardsson in the first night duel in the Master of Masters. PHOTO: SVT

Anna Wijk is 32 years old and finished his career in 2022, Johanna Ahlm is 35 years old and finished his career in 2019, Sebastian Larsson is 38 years old and finished his career in 2022, Emma Johansson is 39 years old and ended his career in 2016, Johanna Davidsson is 39 years old and actually still active, Joel Lundqvist is 41 years old and ended his career in 2023. While “Daddy Tony” as he is called in the gang ended his career in 2006(!) and could actually be the father of some of the participants.

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It is an insult to Rickardsson that he has been grouped together with such recent sports retirees and in any other season he could very well have gone far. But now he is first into the night duel and although he should have good chances with his reaction ability which resulted in eleven WC golds, he will soon have to return there again. Tony Rickardsson deserves better than that.

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