A million pee’s are missing from the accounting

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Things are going slow for the new cat register that was established at the turn of the year. It is now mandatory to mark and register your cat with the Swedish Agricultural Agency, but over a million have not yet been registered.

Veterinarian Patricia Riselius at Vettris in Umeå is surprised that more cat owners have not ID marked and registered their cats.

– At the same time, it rings all the time and I am so happy when people also bring their old cats, she tells TV4 Nyheterna.

The goal of the cat registry is to raise the cat’s status and to be able to more easily find the owner of cats that have run away or appear to be homeless.

In the player above: Interview with Anders Elfström, head of department at the Swedish Agricultural Agency and veterinarian Patricia Riselius.