a “massive” Russian attack leaves at least three dead – L’Express

a massive Russian attack leaves at least three dead –

At least three people were killed in Ukraine, including two in kyiv, in a new “massive” Russian attack on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced. At the same time, American President Joe Biden is encouraging the vote on new military aid to Ukraine, but elected representatives of Congress have stumbled over the vote on a new text on American foreign military aid.

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⇒ “Massive” Russian attack in Ukraine leaves at least 3 dead

⇒ The United States is struggling to pass new military aid to Ukraine

⇒ An American journalist friend of Trump will interview Putin

“Massive” Russian attack in Ukraine leaves at least 3 dead

“Yet another massive attack against our state. Six regions were targeted by the enemy,” Volodymyr Zelensky said on Telegram, reporting one death in Mykolaiv (south) and at least two others in Kiev, where the death toll is likely. to become heavier, other people may be under the rubble.

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Russia launched 44 missiles and 20 explosive drones in a new attack on Ukraine on Wednesday morning, two-thirds of which were “destroyed”, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armies said. Of this total of 64 devices, Ukrainian forces intercepted 29 cruise missiles and 15 drones, Valery Zalouzhny said in a statement on Telegram.

Power partially cut in kyiv

The mayor of kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, announced on Wednesday October 7 that part of the city was without electricity after a Russian missile attack which damaged power lines.

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“Following an enemy attack, two high-voltage lines were damaged by missile fragments in the capital. Some users on the left bank are currently without electricity,” Vitali Klitschko wrote on social networks.

Joe Biden urges Congress to approve new military aid

“Time is running out” for Ukraine against Russia, President Joe Biden warned on Tuesday February 6, urging the American Congress to urgently approve a new package for kyiv. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives stumbled over a new text concerning American military aid, this time to Israel, with Joe Biden demanding that these funds be coupled with aid for Ukraine.

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Republicans in Congress and the Democratic leader are engaged in a thorny standoff over American aid to these two countries. Many conservative parliamentarians are opposed to the validation of new funds for kyiv, believing that it is not up to the American taxpayer to finance a conflict which is getting bogged down.

“To support this bill is to oppose Putin. To oppose it is to play into the hands of the Russian president,” the Democratic leader retorted regarding a text presented on Sunday by the American Senate, which plans to release new aid to Ukraine as well as to Israel and toughens the migration policy of the United States. The bill, which is threatened with failure, provides, among other things, 60 billion dollars for kyiv.

A host close to Trump will interview Putin

American presenter Tucker Carlson, close to Donald Trump, struck a major blow on Tuesday by announcing that he would soon interview Vladimir Putin. “We are here to interview the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin,” the conservative star said from Moscow, in a video published on X, formerly Twitter.

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Tucker Carlson is a controversial but very famous journalist in the United States, recently fired from the Fox News channel, very popular among conservatives. He has since hosted a show, rebroadcast on X. The presenter did not indicate precisely when the interview with Vladimir Putin would take place, nor when it would be broadcast.