A mass of 10.5 kilograms came out of his abdomen! Doctors couldn’t believe their eyes

A mass of 105 kilograms came out of his abdomen

Georgian citizen Nino Epimkova applied to a hospital in Samsun to get rid of the swelling in her abdomen. Gynecology Obstetrics and Gynecological Oncology Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. In addition to the examinations abroad, Cizip Üstün performed the necessary controls himself and took the young patient into surgery.

Nino Epimkova, who entered the surgery with a weight of 55 kilograms, got rid of a mass of 10 kilograms and 470 grams after the operation, which lasted about 1.5 hours, and came out of the surgery as 44 kilograms and 530 grams. prof. Dr. Üstün stated that the mass he removed after the operation was the largest among the ovarian masses in the last 12 years.



Nino Epimkova, who made statements before being discharged and stated that she felt very comfortable, “When I applied to the hospital, my stomach was very swollen. I was breathing very hard with the pain. When my stomach got too big, we decided to have an operation. Especially lately, your stomach has started to swell excessively. I did not feel the mass in my stomach at the first stage. The audience has grown very rapidly in the last 3 months. Everything is going very well after the surgery. I feel so good” he said. Nino Epimkova returned to her country after being discharged.